Low Pricing Guarantee for Replacement Windows and Doors from The Window Connection

Costs of windows in Dallas Texas

As an installation contractor for several window and door companies we pride ourselves on the quality installs we provide for all our customers. For those of you who have found us as a result of some organizations advertising campaign.  We are thrilled at the opportunity to work on your house and provide you the home improvements you desire.  We cannot however take you as a client without the influence of your original sales company.  The ethical issues and consequences are too vast to risk losing a client.

For those of you who have found us on your own or as a result of our advertising campaign we are happy to welcome you to the world of no commission direct buying. We provide a price guarantee for all retail quotes received from other sources.  We encourage you to check around.  Price out all the potential options and have them handy.  When we come out to your home for a no obligation quote simply let us know what other quotes you've received and we'll beat any quote on the same or a similar product.  This is our way to guarantee you the best price available for your home improvement. For lumber store quotes we can only offer you the 10% price guarantee on labor.  Materials from lumber stores come at the same cost for homeowners and contractors.

Some conditions apply.  

Comparable or superior products from a different source may be substituted for the products you've looked at. A written quote from the company you've priced with and from the Window Connection is required.  An opportunity to beat their best deal is also required. The home improvements you've quoted must be purchased and installed on your home within 60 days.  

If we can't beat their price you will receive dinner for two at an Addison Restaurant..........compliments of the Window Connection.

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