Internet Specials from The Window Connection What can we do to earn your replacement window business?

  • Sample Window Contract Image from The Window Connection.  Good contracts will lay out manufacturer, model, glass type and argon options.

    Internet Specials on Windows and Doors

    What can we do to earn your business?

  • You name the gimmick and it's out there. Fourty percent off sale..... So who paid 10 grand for the job that's now 6 grand? There are lot's of reasons to be cautious and to be honest, lots of tricks out there to prevent you from being able to compare apples to apples.

    We love to bid against all the worthy competitors out there. We think we can beat anyones price on a product or a comparable product. In fact if you'll get three quotes and let us come weigh in, we'll beat them all or we'll buy you a free dinner in Addison.

    I wrote a great article on the competition and you can find it at this link. The competition for your replacement window business.

    I'm very proud that we have a one page contract with no fine print and the last line on it is "Satisfaction Guaranteed". While that phrase has surely cost me a few times its a great motto and one we strive to surpass every single day here at The Window Connection.

    Bottom line is I'll beat anyones deal on the same or a similar product. It's our commitment to you, the researcher. Yes we understand how much time and energy goes into your research and how much time is spent with different representatives from different window and door companies. We love being the last guys for one reason... we beat the others hands down every time.

    Give us a call. Or call a couple of other guys and then call us. We can make all the different stories from different window and door companies make sense. You have my word on it. ~ Dave Traynor


    NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows in Addison Texas.  These have great performance, are very cost effective and they look great on upper end homes.




    Ugly work is not a bargain

    Labor is the most important part of the cost of windows

  • The major value from home improvements is the increase in home value. If the work isn't pretty enough to be noticed then it's harder to get the extra four, or six, or eight thousand dollars from the homes sale. On the other hand, when they can see a quality product they know there is extra value there and they can easily see why this home may be more costly than a similar comp (comparable) home down the road. Protect the value of your investment by getting the energy savings as well as the resale value that is appropriate for your home improvement project.

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