Thermally Broken Aluminum Frame.  This is sitting on dry ice and has frozen on the exposed side.  The thermal break lets the other side stay room temperature without stress to the glass and the conduction of heat and cold through the frame, the insulated glass or the window itself thereby lowering conduction and convection.  This also prevents seal failure.  This aluminum window does have a lifetime warranty.

Thermally Broken Aluminum Window Frame

This is a piece of Thermally broken aluminum sitting on a piece of dry ice. The dry ice is 140 degrees below zero. As you can see, half the frame is frozen but the other half remains room temperature. This is a major difference and improvement over standard aluminum windows and door frames.

The best of these products will have the thermal break on the frame and the sashes (or panels), as opposed to just on the frame itself. Also, ideally, these thermo-breaks must line up properly from an engineering standpoint. We at The Window Connection will always help you to find the right product for the job. Knowing all the window and door products available is our specialty at The Window Connection.

We offer this type product from four different window manufacturers here in Dallas. Don Young Company, Resource Building Materials, Atrium Windows and NT Windows all have a window of this type.

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