Windows for Noise

Argon Gas and Krypton Gas filling for insulated replacement windows for noise suppression.


This house is on Walnut Hill, one block from Hillcrest. It's on a very noisy street and that's right where cars hit second gear. A great solution to noise problems is Argon Gas. It worked wonders for this wonderful young ladies bedroom (far right). Argon dampens street noise, animal noise, and helps with thermal conduction as well.

More of this project

 Note the sound difference with Argon Gas in an insulated window.  It is actually twice as quiet as builders grade windows.

The numbers at play are these:  Single glazed builders grade windows you can hear anything louder than 21 db,  Double paned builders grade windows with air between the panes offers resistance up to 24 db but the Double paned with Argon Gas will offer quiet up to 32 db.  This is great for corners, busy streets, houses by the airport etc.

I've done some houses just off 635 at Skillman and another two story at the Tollway and 635. Both said the difference was astounding.

To research sound more in depth, I recommend this blog I wrote in late 2014. This was the culmination of three customers research and their gracious willingness to share their links and finds on the subject.



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