Thermally Broken Aluminum Window Frames

A Better Performing Aluminum Window

Thermally Broken Aluminum Window Frame
Thermally Broken Aluminum Frame.  This is sitting on dry ice and has frozen on the exposed side.  The thermal break lets the other side stay room temperature without stress to the glass and the conduction of heat and cold through the frame, the insulated glass or the window itself thereby lowering conduction and convection.  This also prevents seal failure.  This aluminum window does have a lifetime warranty.

Thermal Break Aluminum Window Frames


The difference between a builders grade aluminum and an enhanced aluminum window is this. The thermal break frame.


The thermally broken aluminum frame has a "poured and de-bridged" plastic rib between the inside and the outside of the window itself. You can find many pictures of this window in our Web Gallery.


The replacement windows that you see with the narrowest profile are made with this profile. This aluminum window has a frame size of just 2 1/2 inches from edge of window to the glass. This is not as small as a builders grade window but it is much smaller than most vinyl replacement windows. Those can have as much as 3 3/4" of frame.


This rib prevents the conduction of heat and cold through the glass of the window frame itself allowing the outside to get hot while the inside of the frame (by the house) is seperated and remains closer to room temperature. This was a mainstay of our offerings in higher end homes up until 2008 when the energy code changed.


Thermal Break Aluminum is no longer Energy Star Rated as it can't get the U Value low enough for that super efficient criteria dictates.


We offer these from three different manufacturers here in Dallas.


This is a piece of Thermally broken aluminum sitting on
a piece of dry ice. The dry ice is 140 degrees below
zero. As you can see, half the frame is frozen but
the other half remains room temperature. This is a
major difference and improvement over standard aluminum
windows and door frames.

Window Installation

Window Installation


I actually recorded this video several years ago in Rockwall. A friend was along for the ride and we thought it would be fun to make a video with his new camera so he could practice editing. I was not too stoked about the music in the first segment but over time this video was watched almost 50,000 times nationally.


When you do your research you'll find that installation is the key to a great window replacement job. Bad installers can make even wonderful windows pretty awful and by contrast, a great window installer can make even a mediocre window perform wonderfully. I look for a quality mid range type window that delivers the most bang for the buck. Much like a car, we seldom need the most expensive thing out there but we don't want to go too cheap and miss longevity either.