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The Window Connection is your source for 10 different manufacturers and the most award winning replacement window installation in Plano!

Vinyl Windows Plano Texas. NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows

No one brings higher quality vinyl windows and installation to Plano's homes than we do. 

Our thirty years of window specialization in Plano show in the end result. Beautiful caulking beads, superior materials and craftsmanship not available anywhere else in the metroplex.

NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows

Single Hung Vinyl Windows in Plano Texas



Plano is well known for very tall windows.  We offer more choices than anyone in Plano to help bring your costs down and keep your quality of installation at award winning levels.

In the 70's my dad drove me up to all the wonderful homes in Plano as he owned Irving Glass and Mirror and was a shower door and mirror installation contractor. I loved those homes way back then and still love them today.  They have space, big trees, wider streets and were the first I had ever seen with driveways in the back of the house. 

Fourty years later I'm very proud of Plano. I've watched many of these homes triple in value in my lifetime.  Get the right vinyl windows. Windows that are too cheap can't stand the test of time. We see it in our window replacement research in all the reviews. Windows that have a heavy mark up aren't good either. The best approach is a sound middle of the road, common sense value point in the middle. We bring that and window options as well.   Call us today!

Alside Vinyl Replacement Windows Plano Texas

Vinyl Casement Windows in Plano

We offer products from 10 different window manufacturers, each has three or more models to choose from.  Most companies have one product line and they say it's the right thing for every home. You and I know better than that. The Window Connection offers more choices for you and your home than anyone in Plano.


The information on this site is written from an installer's point of view, to help homeowners find the right windows to make their homes beautiful, safe, and energy efficient while being cost effective.

Vinyl Windows in Plano from Alside

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Our site will show you replacement window colors, glass types and colors, frames sizes and window operation options from everyone we can get in Plano. Call us today and let us bring samples and expertise into your vinyl windows.

Bay window in Plano using Alside Mezzo Vinyl Replacement Windows.

Bow and Bay Replacement Windows

These are bow replacement vinyl windows Plano. Installation is everything and we're proud of our attentiveness to the smallest of details on every vinyl window installation we do.



There's a reason the house is hot in some rooms in the summer and cold in the winter. The windows leak. They are builders grade windows and the weatherstripping and glass have all seen better days. Seal failure, bad springs, settling in the home are all contributing factors in electric bills that can be twice as high as they should be.

Modern replacement windows are four to five times more energy efficient than builders grade windows plus twice as quiet when properly equipped and installed.

Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows from NT Window with installation from The Window Connection

Picture Windows Plano Texas

Energy savings from modern vinyl replacement windows can be from 25% to 50% in many cases.


That can be thousands of dollars per year. Utilities rise by about 15% per year. How much will you lose over the next 5 years?

At $1000 on the first year - becomes $6,742.39 over 60 months.

That's money you will never benefit from. That's just silly.

Improve your quality of life and the value of your home while staying safer and more comfortable in the process. It just makes sense.


Wood Windows have a very distinctive look with true divided lite grids.  Modern windows offer simulated divided lite grids as seen here.

Wood Windows Plano


Simulated Divided Lite Alside Ultra Max Vinyl Replacement Windows with simulated divided lite grids and a full wrap.

Full wrap on a window consists of a custom metal fabricated to cover all the exterior wood and provide a maintenance free exterior.


This three lite casement window is a great alternative to the standard two lite slider that we often see in North Texas.

This little window went in place of a two lite sliding window. It was a few hundred bucks more than a sliding one would have been but look at the end result. No one buys the cheapest car at the carlot for a reason. We all look for good value in the middle and I do my best to bring that to every home we work on.


I'm hoping you've found us through the hard research that goes into buying a very important home improvement. There's so much information out there and much of it is conflicting. I was on a message board with voices going in all different directions.

What I think counts is finding someone you can trust who will be a good steward of your home. I'm proud of my career and our awards and reviews. I think they show how much we care about the work we're called to do. I'd be very proud if you considered our services. ~ Dave

Plano Window Installation Installers

Home Window Installation

We only take on about 6 to 8 customers per month to offer specialized service to the clientele we see. About a solid third really is here in Plano, and it's in pretty upscale homes. Those nice folks know that it's good to find someone you trust, especially with the value of homes nowadays.

I'm proud to be the guy I think is most trustworthy as well as the most skilled professional at my trade. I put more money on the installation part of the project than any of my worthy competitors and take immense pride in producing better end results than any of them.



Just look at the resale value for new vinyl windows and new wood windows.

Window Costs in Plano

With our lower pricing we actually sell vinyl windows installed for about the same value that they have at resale according to this article. We do a great deal of work with house flippers due to our low overhead and low cost web based advertising.

The 2013 Cost Vs Value Report for Plano Texas and the Southwestern United States.

We sell our vinyl windows at 30 to 40% less than the retail listed in this article! We're a Plano house flippers dream because we sell them and the homes new increased value often covers the cost. At that point, lower utilities and more comfort come free of charge!


Vinyl Casement Windows from Alside


Vinyl Replacement Windows in Plano.


Call me today and let me help answer questions and get you the vinyl windows and doors that will improve your quality of life for years to come. - Dave Traynor

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Twin and three lite casement windows in beige to replace single hung and sliding windows.

Casements offer more air than Single Hungs Vinyl Windows while looking more modern. I use these a great deal in Plano.

Alside Excalibur One Piece Archtop Single Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows with Extruded Aluminum Screens and full lifetime warranty      NT Window Energy Master Single Hung Presidential and Executive Vinyl Replacement Windows

Sometimes the devil is in the details. Can you see the difference in these two replacement windows? Get an expert to your home and get better answers for your specific situation.

Knowing all the options from all the manufacturers makes sense expecially in Plano where we have so many archtop and circle toped windows as well as so many homes worth more than $250,000 and $300,000. Don't get the wrong thing for your home and loose value that comes from the right thing at the right cost.


Call us today for more free information or a no obligation evaluation of your project.

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Nt Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows with Triple Glazed 366 Cardinal Glass and Krypton Gas filled insulated glass.

Lead Safe Vinyl Windows Plano

Call us today let us find a way to help your and your home!

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And if details matter to you, you should see this short video we made about vinyl windows and installation, While painful to watch it does convey the caring we have for your home and your vinyl window project.


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