Reasons to buy windows

Just look at what our customers have been saying.....

"My windows installed by the Window Connection have been great... My electric bill was cut in half last summer" A.C. Dallas, Tx.

"I saved 30% on my bills and we just did the West side of our home" J.L. Richardson, Tx.

"We should have done this years ago. The house is so much quieter and warmer this winter" M.Z. Dallas, Tx.

"We are so pleased.  We really did notice a difference on the very first day."

.Energy Savings
Windows built today are 30% more efficient than windows built just 10 years ago. New windows are up to 40% more efficient than single paned windows.

Vinyl Replacement Windows Dallas Texas- Interior view of Window Connection Vinyl Windows.  These white vinyl double hung windows offer double the performance of the $189 or $185 cheap windows and come with quality installation from window installation experts.

A $300 Electric Bill is projected to increase to over $1000 per month in just ten years.

Energy savings from replacement windows is usually 20 to 40% and The Energy Department tells us to plan on 15% per year in utility increases for the next ten years. Replacement windows can pay for themselves in just three to five years in energy savings and increase property value.

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Did you know that 46% of the average homes cooling costs are going out the windows ?

Have a look at this great outside source for this incredible statement:

Texas Windows Initiative Website

Our printable excerpt from this website for your convenience.

Resale Value
Windows add 76% of their cost to a homes property value on the day they are installed increasing property value.

Just look at the resale value for new vinyl and wood windows from Remodeling Magazine.

2014 Dallas Texas Cost vs. Value Report shows windows still return 75% of their cost in increased home value according to area realtors and Remodeling Magazine.

With our lower pricing we actually sell windows installed for the same value that they have at resale or less. We are the house flippers dream contractor due to our low overhead and low cost web based advertising.

Cost of Windows Report from Remodeling Magazine for Vinyl Windows

The product listed by Remodeling Magazine shows a retail average cost of $11,888.00 for the vinyl replacement windows listed. We sell these replacement windows for about $7500. More than a third less than the average window company. Installer Direct pricing, low overhead and no advertising costs make all the difference.

Drafts limit how much of our home is useable.
Drafts cause some rooms to be warmer or colder than others. Drafts move the curtains and keep us from sitting by the windows and doors or using certain rooms altogether.

Nt Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows with Triple Glazed 366 Cardinal Glass and Krypton Gas filled insulated glass.

Keeps our personal possessions in our possession.
The appearance of new windows makes crooks move on to the neighbor’s house. Double locks on Double paned glass is one of the most secure windows money can buy.

We proud to be certified and EPA compliant on every job!

EPA Certified Home Improvement Contractor in Dallas serving all of North Texas

We're Lead Safe Certified in accordance with EPA Guidelines and Procedures

Peace of Mind
Knowing that our home is airtight and not in need of repair. Knowing that were taking good care of our home and our homes windows and doors.

The Window Connection is here to help you budget, plan, and make the perfect replacement window purchase for your home. Replacement Windows and Doors can pay for themselves in just three to five years ...without the rate that the increases are coming..........there's never been a better time to seek out options for saving energy dollars and making the house more comfortable.

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Being able to clean ones windows. Being able to see through the clean windows. Screens to ventilate and air out the house at will.

Modern Replacement Windows have one or more tilting sashes that allow you to clean the outside of the window from inside the home.  Double Hung Windows can ventilate with the top or bottom sash.

Locks prevent intruders and keep our homes safe.
Night latches allow safety even when allowing ventilation. Windows that lock well keep our families safe and prevent theft.

Window Connection Premium Vinyl Casement Windows have a wood window appearance, more glass and better performance than typical Double Hung or Single Hung Repacement Windows.  They are also available as triple glazed and with Krypton Gas instead of Argon Gas between the panes of glass.

Pride of Ownership
Nothing says, “I love my home” like new windows.
Very few things in life are truly wonderful and truly attainable…new windows are both.

Vinyl Bay Replacement Windows.  Wood windows and fiberglass windows can't compare to the value of quality vinyl replacement windows.  These windows are available in multiple exterior colors.

Aesthetic Value
The beautiful appearance of new windows is like a facelift on your home. Windows are our homes eyes to the world. What we see and what the world sees.

Vinyl Replacement Windows in Beige as an alternative to white.


A drafty home will have a far higher likelihood of colds, flu, bronchitus, COPD and other serious health issues.

Moisture from condensating windows can lead to mold inside the walls for an unseen hazard that can last for decades.  It can go for years undetected.

Health reasons are a big driver for window replacement.  Homes that aren't drafty have fewer medical issues.

A home free of drafts will be more comfortable, more livable and more air tight.  Winter winds stay outside and the hot Texas heat stays out as well.  Even better, your air conditioning and your heater don't work as hard saving wear and tear on your heating and cooling system by working 20 to 30% less.

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