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Vinyl Windows
There are many vinyl windows in Dallas. Knowing the options and manufacturers available is helpful when deciding on the right vinyl windows for your home.  We offer more information about the vinyl windows Dallas wants and needs.

Vinyl Windows.

Offering Ten Different Vinyl Replacement Window Manufacturers with three to five models each means more options for your home vinyl windows. Vinyl windows make up more than 80% of the market in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We offer cheap vinyl windows, high quality mid ranged replacement windows as well as the most amazing high end vinyl windows. Dallas and its suburbs have diverse home styles with different needs for the home windows depending on the architecture layout and curb appeal. Options include Casements, Double Paned and Triple Paned Windows; Low E Glass with Argon, or Krypton Gas for the best performing vinyl windows. Dallas has choices that only the most experienced of installation providers can offer. We proudly offer Alside, NT Windows, Simonton, Don Young Company, Jeldwen, Atrium, Lansing and other local and nationally known brands of quality vinyl windows. With exterior finishes in custom colors from three different window manufacturers, it just makes sense to know the options on vinyl windows!

Replacement Windows
Replacement Windows in Dallas can be wood vinyl or aluminum

Replacement Windows.

Replacement Windows can offer more than 4 times the heat reflective capabilities of a typical builders grade double pane vinyl window. U Values can be all the way down to .16 with a triple pane window with Krypton Gas. Energy Star Rated isn't the whole story on a home improvement and especially vinyl windows. A replacement window is generally manufactured without fins and has a more substantial frame than do builders grade cheap vinyl windows. Replacement windows can have custom exterior colors, styles, interior woodgrains and other options that make average into spectacular. Replacement Windows can offer grids between the glass or simulated divided lite grids for a classic look and a great window option. Because replacement windows are utilized in existing homes, there is a great deal of skill involved in preserving and protecting the floors, sills, brick and sheetrock in a replacement window project. Skill and experience have no substitute when it comes to installing replacement windows in a way that will last a lifetime.

Casement Windows
Replacement Windows. Dallas has many options including this beautiful casement style window

Casement Windows.

This is a great update that we've used in Dallas for years. There are more styles than just picture windows or single hungs and double hungs. This casement style has swinging end glass panels with interior screens. New wood trim and we have a very happy customer in Dallas.  This type of window looks great with a grid pattern called Prairie Lite Grids and it can really lend to a cottage feel. I use this a great deal in the side dining room window or the kitchen window as it speaks to having been replaced with a great window and that brings the home improvement to light for potential buyers of the property. It really can say "I've thought about the details on my window replacement." Resale value of a home is always increased with the right updates. This is how the professionals flip houses. You can enjoy great windows and get a resale value upside as well with the right replacement windows.

Window Installation
Vinyl replacement window installation in Dallas Texas.

Window and Door Installation


Skill in installation is not talked about very much except in blogs and window reviews. The biggest variable can be the window but it can also be the window installation provider himself. We are very proud to be the most award winning window and door installation contractor in Dallas. D Magazine Best of Dallas Contractor, Former Guest Contractor for The Learning Channel, NT Window Dealer of the Year, Editorial Resource for Dallas Metro Home Improvement Magazine, Design Consultant for WFAA Channel 8 Designing DFW Dream Home, A Rated by the BBB and Angie's List. We were also named in 2017 as a top 16 installation provider of the 313 that are out there. We bring more installation experience and care to every home we work on.  No one can offer more expertise and experience. Bad window reviews are all over the internet and installation is the main complaint. Find a contractor that really knows how to produce the best results for your home.

Narrow Frame Windows
Narrow frame windows have less vinyl and more glass. Usually done as a single hung instead of a double hung, they can bring more light and brightness to the home

Narrow Frame Windows

Many of the windows offered in the current market have very fat frames. Lots of plastic to look at instead of glass to look out of. For many homeowners this kind of home window is just not aesthetically pleasing. Too much vinyl isn't a pleasant part of vinyl replacement or vinyl builders grade windows. We are proud to offer window manufacturers that have narrow frame windows as well as the usual options.


Generally the difference is to move towards single hung vinyl windows instead of double hung windows. Double hung vinyl windows are naturally more bulky while single hung windows are more streamlined with more glass. They also perform better, have more glass and are easier to clean with a water hose.


As a rule a single hung vinyl window will have a U Value that is a point better than a double hung vinyl window as well.


These are picture windows that don't operate but we also have operating style windows with less frame as well.

Residential Doors
Exterior Doors, storm doors and French Doors in Dallas from The Window Connection

Exterior Doors

Exterior Doors, Full Glass and French Doors from more quality door manufacturers than anyone in Dallas!  ThermaTru, Provia, MAI, General Door and more! We offer tall storm doors, several models of French Doors in Fiberglass, Steel and Wood options.  Entry systems with sidelites, transomes, adjustable thresholds and amazing hardware. More importantly, we offer the high quality door installation that makes your doors a joy to see and use for decades to come. Doors should always be prehung with new jambs and thresholds but some major variables are jamb thickness, type of jamb, factory painting options, color of threshold, hardware and types of trim. All these play a big factor in the cost of a door. There are even a dozen types of full glass doors on the market and knowing the difference is a really great idea when making a home improvement decision.

Wood Windows
Wood Windows. Dallas has many historical and homeowners associations requiring wood windows with simulated or true divided lite grids

Wood Windows

Some windows have a classic feel and look that is amazing and can only be accomplished with Wood Windows. Dallas has historical districts, homeowners associations and parts of town that are just known for the wood window look. We are wood window experts and among the few contractors in Dallas with tens of thousands of dollars in hands on experience with this amazing home improvement.


We see them in Lakeland, Highland Park, University Park and use them around Grand Avenue in the historical homes that just need that special look. For the most part it's the grids. These were true divided lite grids with wood that protrudes from the inside and outside of the glass, in modern context we have the simulated divided lite grid to accomplish this goal and the look is truly timeless as far as a wood window look.


This is a Jeldwen Wood Window but we also use Marvin, Andersen, Pella and other big names in the window world.

Vinyl Picture Windows
Tall storm doors can be tough to find.  We're proud to have full glass and operating storm doors that are the strongest in the nation

Vinyl Picture Windows

Picture windows are a way to get more of a view of the back yard and have grown in popularity as replacement windows on homes. Windows that once had a horizonal bar in them and opened for ventilation are now a bit less popular as far as design in a remodeling context. We don't open windows much in Texas and having the more open look is a great way to make a room look bigger and bring the outdoor living space in closer. Its a way to really update the look. When they're close to the ground they do require tempering which is a slightly higher cost in replacement windows but the look is considerably more modern and inviting. This set up has windows that move up and down as flankers but casements can be used to eliminate all of the horizonal lines and really open up the opening while keeping the ability to ventilate. Knowing the options in replacement windows is a big plus. We're here to help you know all of what's available.

Storm Doors
Tall storm doors can be tough to find.  We're proud to have full glass and operating storm doors that are the strongest in the nation

Storm Doors

Storm Doors are great when they work right and just awful when they don't. We are proud to offer our no-sag doors in all sizes including very tall eight foot tall storm doors in both full glass and operating or ventilating as well. In White, Beige and the illusive dark brown or Bronze color. More than just great looking, they will hang correctly for decades and unlike big box store doors they never sag and always seal.


This is a North Texas favorite and for those in Plano, McKinney, Frisco and other points North of Dallas it's tough to find! It's an eight foot tall storm door. We have the air tight storm door you're looking for in solid glass and operating (ventilating) models. They open to let air in and catch a breeze. It's truly Dallas and Fort Worth's best storm door. Call us today and we can help you find the perfect storm door.

Siding and Sunrooms
Sunrooms, enclosures and patio covers in Dallas and surrounding areas

Siding and Sunrooms

These can seem so expensive but they really aren't when you know where to go. Sunrooms can be installed in just a few days with patio covers and arbors at just one day of actual labor. For the smart home owner this can be an amazing home improvement at an amazingly affordable cost.


Many times adding square footage is a great way to increase home value before a sale as well. Space or value, or perhaps both if you make the move now and enjoy it for a while. Call us today and let us show you how cost effective it can be to add living space to your home with a great new sunroom, or how to cool off in the back yard with a new thermally insulated patio cover or arbor.

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