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Energy Master Vinyl Windows
Energy Master Executive and Presidential Vinyl Windows and Royal Casement Windows

The Exective is also branded as the Energy Master.

Here's some interesting industry insight. Many window manufacturers sell a given window under several different names. The Energy Master and the Executive are the same but sold in different circles. Much like the Alside product is the same as the Revere Window, so also is the Executive and the Energy Master. Interestingly I think this is also called the Preservation from some vendors. Locally made here in Mansfield Texas, it is a Window Connection favorite for a great value and good bang for the buck. Available as a single hung or a double hung, sliding window and arch or half circle windows.

Presidential Vinyl Windows
Presidential Vinyl Double Hung Vinyl Windows

NT Executive Energy Master and Presidential Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows

The Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows and the big discussion about Single Hung vs. Double Hung. Single Hungs have more glass and somewhat better performance (.01 lower U value). It leaks a little less because the top sash is stationary as opposed to a double hung which has operating and tilting top and bottom sashes. The real drawback to the double hung is also that it has a frame thickness at 3 3/4" as opposed to the 2 5/8" we see in the single hung.

Royal Casement Vinyl Windows
Vinyl Casement split 25-50-25 with operating end panels and picture window center

Three Lite Casement

This is one of my favorite things to do where possible. While it is a little more costly, you can't deny it's a great look. This one has prarie lite grids but you can get it with no grids as well. The end panels swing open like outswinging doors and the center panel is fixed. The screen mounts on the inside. This is a great way to put a smile on a happy homeowner.

Energy Master Vinyl Windows
NT Energy Master Single Hung Vinyl in a triple mulled unit

NT Window Energy Master Windows

The frame is 2 5/8" from glass to edge of window. It is the smallest frame in the industry for a full framed vinyl replacement window, It is very desireable in narrow windows or in cases where we really can't afford to loose light. The meeting rails are steel reinforced to prevent sagging, it's locally made and it has a lifetime warranty.Our shipping costs are minimal and it's among the very best values I can find here in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Twin Casement
Twin casement window with colonial lite grids and cedar trim

Twin Casement Windows

This is a great choice for so many reasons. It says cottage style and is warm and friendly. Both sides swing open to the outside and the inside screen is easily removed. The new wood trim is standard in a Window Connection replacement window installation in siding or sections of a home that stick out and have potential rotting or sagging issues. Whatever the window problem, we are the window solution!

Arched Windows
Single Hung Excalibur Vinyl Windows in a triple configuration

Arched Windows

There are many variables in manufacturers willingness to make certain types of archtops, extended leg circle tops, full radius, very tall windows and some of the unusual things we see in North Texas, Knowing who makes the best product for a specific opening is key. This was cost effective but perhaps may have been better as a twin from a different window manufacturer. Knowing the options and why to buy can make a residential window project timeless.

Simulated Divided Lites
Simulated divided lite grids on vinyl replacement windows

Simulated Divided Lite Grids are a more traditional look than grids between the glass.

Sometimes people ask for wood windows and upon some inquiry we find out it's really about the grids on the window more than the window itself. Usually we see grids between the glass, in this case we have grids that stick out from the surface of the glass on the inside as well as the outside. This is a great look but is somewhat costly. Grids between the glass are very affordable. All windows can be manufactured either way.

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