Reasons to Buy New Replacement WindowsComfort, Savings, Increased Home Values, Security, Health, Convenience and more!

Vinyl Replacement Windows Dallas Texas- Interior view of Window Connection Vinyl Windows.  These white vinyl double hung windows offer double the performance of the $189 or $185 cheap windows and come with quality installation from window installation experts.

Energy Savings - Big bucks off the electric bill.

Windows built today are 30% more efficient than windows built just 10 years ago. New windows are up to 40% more efficient than single paned windows.


A $300 Electric Bill is projected to increase to over $1000 per month in just ten years.

Energy savings from replacement windows is usually 20 to 40% and The Energy Department tells us to plan on 15% per year in utility increases for the next ten years. Replacement windows can pay for themselves in just three to five years in energy savings and increase property value.

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Did you know that 46% of the average homes cooling costs are going out the windows ?

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Texas Windows Initiative Website

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Cost of Windows Report from Remodeling Magazine for Vinyl Windows

Increased Resale Value of the Home.

Windows add 76% of their cost to a homes property value on the day they are installed increasing property value.

Just look at the resale value for new vinyl and wood windows from Remodeling Magazine.

2018 Dallas Texas Cost vs. Value Report shows windows still return 75% of their cost in increased home value according to area realtors and Remodeling Magazine.

With our lower pricing we actually sell windows installed for the same value that they have at resale or less. We are the house flippers dream contractor due to our low overhead and low cost web based advertising.


The product listed by Remodeling Magazine shows a retail average cost of $11,888.00 for the vinyl replacement windows listed. We sell these replacement windows for about $7500. More than a third less than the average window company. Installer Direct pricing, low overhead and no advertising costs make all the difference.

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LIving in a more comfortable home environment.

Drafts limit how much of our home is useable.
Drafts cause some rooms to be warmer or colder than others. Drafts move the curtains and keep us from sitting by the windows and doors or using certain rooms altogether.


Being uncomfortable on hot and cold days is a bummer. We deserve better. Having a comfortable home has real value to our quality of life. If you don't make yourself comfortable now, when are you planning to do that?


Atruim Windows manufacture Lansing Building Products Windows

Safety and Security for you and your family

Lets face it, there are bad people out there and very often they want into our homes.


Having quality windows and doors keep us more secure and make our homes and our families safer.


Alarms are great but they go off when someone is already in the house. That's not good.


A good product will have secure locks and provide a ground level deterant to keep burglers and vandals out of our homes.


Even in Texas, a gun is a great thing once they're inside but wouldn't it be better to just keep them out in the first place?


We're here to make sure that's part of the plan for you and your families safety.


Also having windows that meet fire and egress requirements also ensure that you and your loved ones get out safely in case of an emergency. Fire's don't happen a lot but during a fire is not the time to find out that your windows won't open or stay open properly. This is a big one.

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Peace of Mind.

Water on the window sills. Thinking about mold and moisture in the walls. Worrying about the drafts and the kids getting sick from that room that's so hard to keep warm in the winter all cause us worry.


Sometimes it's front of mind, but often it's just a nagging feeling of things not being right in the backs of our minds.


Also knowing that we're taking good care of the property and being good stewards of the blessings of our homes has a great value as well


In many cases, these issues will have to be fixed for the home to be sold so it has to be done eventually. It really makes sense to do it now and get to enjoy the airtight peaceful environment now.

Modern Replacement Windows have one or more tilting sashes that allow you to clean the outside of the window from inside the home.  Double Hung Windows can ventilate with the top or bottom sash.


There are so many great features to new windows including being able to tilt them in for cleaning and take better care of them as a whole.


Locks that work, weatherstripping that keeps out the heat and cold and heat reflective glass that stops 80% of the heat from even coming into the home is a great addition as well.


Having them operate properly. Move up and down easily and having functional screens is also an added value.


We haven't even talked about how they're twice as quiet as builders grade windows. The increase in quality of life is notable with new windows and there are lots of reasons to make them a priority.


There's also Pride of Ownership, Aesthetic Value and the Health of our families just to name a few more.


There are so many reasons to own new replacement windows. These are just a few. Call us and let us give you a few more based on your specific home and your families needs.

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