Sliding Doors in Dallas

Sliding Doors in Vinyl and Wood in Dallas Texas

Aluminum Clad Wood Doors
Aluminum Clad Wood Sliding Doors in Dallas Texas include Jeldwen, Marvin, Pella and others

Aluminum Clad Wood Sliding Doors



Jeldwen, Pella, Marvin, and Andersen all make this product and it's a mainstay of the sliding door world.


The Aluminum Clad Wood Sliding Door has been around for decades and is the product used most often in higher end homes.


Wood sliding doors are usally pine inside but you do occasionally see more exotic woods being used.


The outside being aluminum clad means there is nothing to paint and it's impervious to the elements. This door really should last for 50 years.


Any of the doors you see here can be with grids or without. Some manufacturers use flat grids and other use contoured grids. If you want grids, make sure you get the right ones.



Basic Vinyl Sliding Doors
Aluminum Clad Wood Sliding Doors like this one have the look of wood inside while being maintenance free on the exterior.

Basic Vinyl Sliding Doors


You can see them at the box stores but those aren't really going to provide the longevity we hope for in a good sliding door. The real ones have many of the same features but are just built better.


For more than 3 years we were the primary window and door installation contractor for Lowe's and Home Depot. We did installs for 24 stores in all and we saw it all.


With both providers it seemed like the doors would be fine for the first year or two but would have problems shortly thereafter. As a contractor it became a service problem on a fairly regular basis.


Now that we get to pick the suppliers we use, we make sure to get ones who sell products without issues and service problems.


In some ways this was for you the customer, but it was for us as well. No one wants to have a service issue and the best warranty out there... is one you never have to go look for because the product always works correctly. That's the warranty and the sliding door we want you to have.


We really do have about 4 or so that we sell a great deal of. I think they are all good and have their place in the market. The only challenge is to get the right one to you! Let us help that happen.

NT Window Sliding Patio Doors
Sliding Door Installation of an NT Window Vinyl Sliding Door.

NT Window Sliding Patio Doors


I really like this manufacturer. I was the NT Window Energy Master Dealer of the Year three of the last four years, mostly because I just believe in their product so it was easy to sell.


They have a huge plant just south of Fort Worth which keeps shipping cost and breakage to a minimum and keeps them at a great value point. Their sliding door is comparable to a Simonton and several hundred dollars less in cost.


They use Cardinal 366 Low E Glass with Argon Gas filled insulated glass direct from the Cardinal plant in Waco. They have a very streamlined operation designed to take great care of us in the South as a whole, but really well positioned for the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.


NT Window Dealer of the Year