Storm Doors in Dallas Better Storm Doors, Better Installations

  • Operating Storm Doors in a french storm door configuration in Dallas

    Storm Doors in Dallas

    We're proud to offer the sturdiest storm doors available in North Texas.

    Storm doors are a North Texas favorite for protecting the door from wind and cold but also to offer some fresh air.

    Unlike cheap box store storm doors, ours have solid aluminum corner gussets and the thickest aluminum extrusions available in Dallas and surrounding areas.

    Our doors don't sag and can last for decades. The glass kickplate on our operating style storm door allows for more light than the average door plus the dog or cat can see outside so even they are more comfortable.

    Lumber Store Storm Doors run up to $300 plus installation and have a terrible problem with sagging after a few years. Drive through your neighborhood and look at the top of the storm doors......sagging is often evident after just a matter of months with Larson, Andersen and other builders quality storm doors from big box stores.

    Things We See

    • Doors that are better than the Box Stores...
    • Heaviest Guage Aluminum in the Industry
    • Doors designed to last for decades

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  • Storm Door installation and installers working North Dallas and all of North Texas

    Storm Door Installation

    When push comes to shove, it's always about the installation. We have the most award winning installations available in North Texas.

    Our "Air-Tight" Series is just that......Air Tight, today, next year...into the future....It's just a matter of components, quality control, and installation techniques.....We have them all.....affordably.

    What does a good storm door install look like when it's done you may ask?.......

    Place the top of your head against the glass on the inside of the door and look around... Good installs are ones where you see NO DAYLIGHT between the storm door and the Z-bar (a Z-bar is the weatherstripped frame that mounts to the exterior of the home, it holds the hinges on one side, but more importantly, it seals the door with its Nylon Pile Weatherstripping.) "Air-Tight" Series are always "Daylight Free".


  • Full View Glass Eight Foot Storm Door for applications in Plano, Dallas, Frisco, McKinney, The Colony and most North Texas locations.

    Eight Foot Full Glass Storm Doors

    The tall ones are hard to find anywhere else but we have them and they are amazing!

    Our storm doors are available as 8' tall solid glass or operating storm doors as well as 6'8" storm doors. Tall storm doors are not easy to find but we have them. Custom sizing is available in all Window Connection Storm Doors.

    We are proud to offer the best fitting and most functional storm doors in North Texas. They are produced individually to the customers exact need and our specifications. We also offer the ProVila storm door line as well. Quality is always the driving force in all of our recommended storm door products.

    No one in Dallas hangs more storm doors here in the metroplex than The Window Connection.

    We also are proud to offer an amazing Double Paned Full View Storm Door with Heat Reflective Low-E Glass and Argon Gas between the panes for the doors with excessive exposure to heat in our standard storm door heights.

    Truly an amazing storm door made right here in North Texas.

  • Eight Foot Operating Storm Doors in Dallas Texas

    Eight Foot Tall Operating Storm Doors

    Tall doors that need ventilating are an ongoing problem for Dallas homeowners

    I guess these are really hard to find here in Dallas and Fort Worth.

    Dallas has lots of tall doors and finding a ventilating storm door for the tall ones is tough.

    We field calls from all over the country about this door. It's rare everywhere. We even tried to sell them to the Home Depot only to have them tell us there was no market for them. If you need one you'd probably disagree.

    Our Tall Operating Storm Doors are the strongest, most durable doors on the market. No they aren't cheap, but they last like no other. I've seen these doors hanging and working properly after twenty years of usage.

    They are truly built to last a lifetime.

    Storm Doors Include

    • Weatherstripped Z Bars
    • Hydraulic Door Closers
    • Windchains
    • Deadbolt Locks
    • Sill Expanders
    • Glass Kickplates

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  • Eight Foot Operating Storm Doors in Dallas Texas

    Colors for Our Storm Doors

    Our storm doors are available in three colors.

    While not available in 38 colors like the box stores, our storm doors are available in three different appealing colors. White for the clean typical look, Dark Brown or Bronze for the more modern updated look and tan for a relaxed look that blends with most beige or tan windows available in todays market.

    I have personally seen these storm doors hanging and looking great with no sagging for 25 years. This is a product hat Sears sold in the 80's at $800 each for a stock sized door and they can last for decades.

    Storm Doors Include

    • Durable no sag rubber gaskets for a great seal to the glass
    • Fully tempered glass for safety
    • Insulated Low E Glass in storm doors up to 80" tall
    • Steel Gussets at the corners for strength and durability.

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  • Eight Foot Tall Storm Doors are tough to find and often not durable.  We're very proud of our Full View Glass Storm Door.  We think it's the most durable door available in North Texas

    Storm Door Handles

    Putting Security on the top of the to do list.

    Our storm door has been a mainstay of the Sears line for many years and sells through their installed division for upwards of 40% more than our pricing. We offer storm doors that are better than the rest for less money.

    Things We Do

    • Better Carpentry
    • Better Installations
    • More sill options for sealing the door
    • Better build ins and prep work
  • Eight Foot Operating Storm Doors in Dallas Texas

    Colors for Our Storm Door Handles

    Pick a color and a style - We have several

    Our newest storm door handle color is oil rubbed bronze. A matching style to our Satin Nickle and our Bright Brass Lever handle and includes our matching keylock.

    Storm Doors Include

    • Handle, keylock, closer, fully weatherstripped Z bar and optional wind chain.

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  • Eight Foot Operating Storm Doors in Dallas Texas

    Tall Storm Doors with Dog Doors

    This is one that no one does but we do!

    There is probably no one more important at your house than the dog. Not the husband or the wife or the kids. When our fur babies need out we have no choice. It doesn't matter what you're doing, you stop and make it happen. This may be the answer to the dog door and the tall storm door problem. We can custom make a door with a metal kickplate and put the dog door through the tall storm door. This requires some planning and we can help with that too. If the dog needs a door. We're the answer to the problem.

    Tall Storm Doors with Dog Doors that last!

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Storm doors are available with four different styles of handles to match the hardware on your home.


Handles available to match your home in silver, gold and black.




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