Double Hung Aluminum Windows

The sturdiest, most structurally sound window built in America.
Double Hung Aluminum Windows
Double Hung Aluminum Windows are the heaviest Windows in the residential window world

Double Hung Aluminum Windows


These are the heaviest duty frames and sashes made. Designed to open from the top and the bottom and tilt in for cleaning from the inside, but unlike vinyl windows, these are built from the strongest of aircraft alumninum and approved for multi level applications.


This is also one of the more expensive products out there and it doesn't quite meet Energy Star Requirements for U Values at or under .30. It comes in at a .35 on U Value.


It can have Low E Glass and the other bells and whistles we see in vinyl windows but it's application is more commercial than residential currently.



Don Young Company Themally Broken Aluminum Double Hungs
Double Hung Windows with Grids

Don Young Company Double Hung Aluminum Windows


Don Young Company on Ambassador Row in Dallas has been making high quality double hung aluminum windows for more than 30 years.


They offer a lifetime warranty and use the Cardinal 366 Low E Glass package with Argon Gas filled insulated glass.


This product is often used where a Bronze exterior is needed and is wonderful for second floor applications due to the ease of cleaning.


Double Hung Aluminum Windows do require a full screen

Features of Double Hung Aluminum Windows
Double Hung Aluminum Windows from The Don Young Company in Dallas

Typical features on a Double Hung Alumium Window


One inch to 3/4" Insulated Glass (All with Low E glass from Cardinal Glass or PPG).


3 1/4"  Main Frame (the thickest residential frames available).


Mechanically assembled corners into screw boss extrusions using #8 sheet metal screws.


All windows can be with or without flat or contoured decorative grids.


Full screens are required and allow operation and ventilation from both top and bottom sashes as well as tilt and clean feature.


Double cam locks are usually standard on all windows over 24" in width.



Grids On Double Hung Windows
Double Hung Aluminum Windows with full wrap or Trim Pack to cover exterior wood

Windows are available in White, Bronze and Beige from all of our manufacturers and the new Adobe or Sandstone is available from a few.


All parts and latches are removable and interchangeable in case of warranty repair.


Double Tilting Window Sashes for easy cleaning are the standard in a double hung.


Screens are fully extruded aluminum as opposed to roll form screens and will provide years of durable service.


Argon Gas is available in any high quality window. Builders grade windows don't offer gas between the panes but simple dead air space in a hermetically sealed environment.


Argon is 5 times denser than oxygen and is an odorless gas that slows conduction and heat transfer through the glass itself.


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