Wood Casement Windows

Wood Casement Windows in Dallas

Jeldwen Wood Windows - Casement Windows
Casement Cut Away. Casement Windows swing like a door to the outside with a screen that mounts inside.   JeldwenWood Casement Windows in Dallas Texas.

Wood Windows with real grids outside the glass

Grids that protrude from the surface of the glass in a classic wood window will be a true divided lite window. In a modern context it is a simulated divided lite. This means that the glass is one solid double or triple paned glass unit with the grids carefully stuck onto the surface of the glass inside and out with a 3M type tape. This is the industry standard for Jeldwen, Andersen, Pella, Marvin, Kolbe and Kolbe and others. True divided lite windows are indeed a thing of the past but we can count on the look to be desired for many years thanks to historical districts, and many homeowner requirements in parts of Dallas. University Park and Highland Park use these a great deal as do the houses in Lakewood and down around Grand Avenue in old Dallas.

Simulated Divided Lite Grids
Alside Vinyl Replacement Windows - Casement Windows come as single windows, twin windows and triples windows

Wood Windows for Conservation and Historical Districts and higher end homes

We usually see wood windows in homes of a 500K plus value. While they are sometimes used in less expensive homes they are often considered what one might call cost prohibitive for a mid ranged home as wood windows are not custom sized and can often be thought of as more a remodeling type product as opposed to a replacement type home improvement.  These are the most expensive windows on the market as a whole encompassing about double the cost of a vinyl window of a similar style and quality.  Wood windows are a full jambed product and in a case like the one pictured here we see a seven and one half inch jamb plus three and a half inches of trim on the inside and two inches of wood trim with metal covering on the outside.  Needless to say all that wood and trim adds up to a pretty good sized price tag. This project was in Southlake Texas

Wood Windows Interior Casing
Vinyl Window Replacement with Alside Casement Windows  Wood Windows in Southlake Texas

Twin Casement Windows offer double the ventilation

When both of these sashes are opened we can see the entire room fill with air. No product can offer more airflow and ventilation than a casement and in some areas this can save  great deal of money on cooling over the course of a year. All modern windows will have Low E Glass with Argon Gas filled insulated glass as a matter of standard practice but many can have more color than others. Know the glass package as well as the manufacturer that you've selected and also keep in mind that the most important variable is usually the window installation itself. We're here to help with that! Call us today and let us show you some options.

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