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  • Door Devil Steel Residential Door Reinforcement Kit

    Door Devil

    Home security BEFORE the bad guys get in...

    • Steel Jamb Plate to prevent splintering and lock failure at the jamb.
    • Wrap around steel Deadbolt reinforcement to keep the deadbolt from failing at the door itself
    • Hinge side security pins to prevent failure at the hinge side jambs.
    • Three inch security screws through the hinges to prevent dislodging the hinges from the jamb and the studwork.
    • Some conditions may apply. Additional charge for routing if necessary. Necessary conditions required for installation are just a phone call away.


    Door Devil Installation Dallas

    Protect your home from burglars with the impenetrable force of Steel Reinforcement

  • Argon Gas Report Data related to humidity, condensation, air infiltration, conduction and convection in residential windows



  • The Window Connection in partnership with Door Devil offering Installation Services for North Texas.

    The most quality oriented Door Installation Contractor in North Texas now offering The Door Devil steel break-in protection for your home..

  • Door Devil Installation for Dallas and Fort Worth


Home Security Systems offer alerts and summon the police when someone is inside your home. Often that is too late to save your posessions and in some cases, too late to protect your family. The Door Devil Security Reinforcement Kit offers the best way to keep them out of your home in the first place.


Designed and fabricated 18 guage steel strike plates, security door hinge reinforcements with hardened three inch security screws and a wrap around Deadbolt reinforcement plate for the door itself.


Tested to exceed TWO THOUSAND POUNDS OF FORCE, nothing can keep out the bad guys better than a Door Devil.


Installation of your Door Devil that you've purchased is just $109 in North Texas with additional door kits installed at just $89.00 each.


Full service installation including the kit itself to run just $199.00 for your first door and $149.00 installed for additional doors.


While there we can inspect and adjust doors as needed for a nominal fee to be approved by you on request.


Don't let the bad guys in and then find out about it. Get the Door Devil and keep them outside where they belong.


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