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Narrower frames make for more glass and more light Single Hungs offer more glass better performance Find out More!
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Single Hung Vinyl Windows in Dallas

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NT Windows Energy Master Vinyl Single Hung
Single hung windows can perform better than double hungs and offer more glass and less frame.

Energy Master Vinyl Single Hung Windows


This is the most popular product we sell. Single Hung means that the bottom sash (bottom half) of the window can operate and in most cases tilt in for cleaning. The screen is on the outside of the window glass but the top sash is stationary and does not move or tilt.


The Single Hung actually has better performance than a Double Hung from almost every window manufacturer. It also will offer more glass and less frame. This is very important in Dallas where we have a lot of narrow windows.


Single Hungs will have a frame profile of about 2 5/8" as opposed to the 3 3/4" we often see in double hungs.


This is an NT Window Energy Master in an Archtop. It's a North Texas favorite as it's locally built and uses Cardinal 366 Low E Glass with Argon gas filled insulated glass. The glass thickness on this one is 13/16".


We are very proud to be a three time winner of the NT Window Energy Master Dealer of the Year Award. This is a great window at a great price point.

Don Young Company
Single Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows in Dallas Texas

Earthwise Vinyl Single Hung Windows


The Don Young Company has been building quality vinyl and aluminum single hung windows for more than 30 years right here in Dallas.


They are the builders of our favorite aluminum product as well as this great vinyl window. They are located off of I-35 and Inwood Road.


They use the same Cardinal 366 Low E as many of the best window manufacturers out there do but even more, they keep our Texas dollars in Texas.

Alside Windows
Vinyl Replacment Windows Dallas Texas.  This window installation included a full wrap of exterior wood with aluminum coil stock custom bent to produce the dimensional wood window look on the exterior while still producing a window that requires no painting

Alside Mezzo Vinyl Single Hung Windows


The Alside is a major player in the vinyl replacement window world. They discontinued the Excalibur in early 2014 and kicked off the Mezzo Series.


These folks were a three time winner of the Energy Star Partner of the year and have been a Better Homes and Garden Best Buy as well recievieving the Consumers Choice Award. They have a great name and make a great product. This is their middle of the line product with top end options available. It can come with Triple Glazing and Krypton Gas for better performance and can also come with exterior colors besides the typical white, beige and occasional Sandstone offerings. It has a little heavier a frame than the NT Window and comes in at 2 3/4" on frame profile. This has long been a favorite manufacturer of ours. It also boasts a matching Casement Window line, Slighly lower U Value than necessary (to meet wih 2016 Energy Star guidelines) and a fully extruded insect screen that slides up and down to make cleaning the bottom track easier.

I've always liked these windows. I think they are a great value in a Nationally known name.
NT Windows Presidential Single Hungs
Sunrooms, enclosures and patio covers in Dallas and surrounding areas

The Presidential Single Hung Window


The Presidential is a great deal like the Energy Master with comparable performance, glass and features but it has a slightly different exterior apperance.


It is also produced here in the Metroplex in South Fort Worth around Mansfield. The Presidential has a cove moulding exterior profile instead of the beveled edge exterior we see on the Energy Master.


Both windows are available in White, Beige or Sandstone as standard colors but can also have a two toned finish with alternative exterior colors. This product also uses Cardinal 366 Low E Glass with Argon.


These are often rebranded as is often the case in the window industry. Many products are sold under numerous names.


The Energy Master is also sold as the Executive and I've also seen a window from NT called The Traditions line that is a rebranding of the Energy Master.


Atrium Vinyl Single Hung Windows
Exterior Doors, storm doors and French Doors in Dallas from The Window Connection

The Atrium Window Single Hung


This is locally made here in Dallas Texas by the plant that is one of the biggest in North Texas.


This is one of the less expensive products out there but offers a good value in vinyl windows for the shorter term project house.


It does have a pretty heavy frame and it's performance is Energy Star Rated but it's longevity may not be as impressive as some of the other window manufacturers that we offer.


This is however a great one if you're not in the home very long or it's an investment property.

Single Hung Style Picture Windows
Wood Windows. Dallas has many historical and homeowners associations requiring wood windows with simulated or true divided lite grids

Single Hung Windows as Solid Glass


All manufacturers will make a picture window to match their double or single hung.


This is a different animal than a casement picture window but it's important to note that all Single hungs will have an accompanying picture window for those stationary window needs around the house. In this case we used them to convert this six unit bay into a three unit bow window.


Grids are availible from all manufacturers and no grids are always an option.


If a picture window is close to the ground and over 9.6 Square feet it has to be tempered glass.


Simonton Single Hung Windows
Sunrooms, enclosures and patio covers in Dallas and surrounding areas

Simonton Pro Series, Simonton 5050 and the Simonton 5500


This is a national name that everyone has heard of.


Be aware of the different models because they are vastly different. The 5500 is the top of the line product with the 5050 in the middle and the Pro Series is more of a builders grade window with nailing fins and is used most often in new construction and remodels that may go down to the studs.


All products we offer have Low E Glass with Argon Gas filled insulated glass as a minimum acceptable performance requirement. This means they all meet and exceed the Energy Star requirements and qualify for all rebates and incentives offered up by Federal, State and Local entitities. This is one of our favorties for those who want a window that everyone has heard of.

Don Young Company
Single Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows in Dallas Texas

Thermal Break Aluminum Single Hung Windows


I only throw this one in for the color and the frame size so you can see the alternative.


The narrowest frame available in the industry in a quality product. Builders grade cheap windows can have narrow frames but it's tough to find that in a good window.


This has a frame profile of just 2 3/8" for the most glass in good replacement windows.


This can have the same glass and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient as the other options but unfortunately won't meet Energy Star Ratings due to the U Value. It is the most economical option for a Bronze Exterior Window.


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