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  • Hardiplank has amazing reviews Hardiplank comes in prepainted colors! Decades of maintenance free protection Attention to details is not optional. A dollhouse home exterior is our goal!
    Soffit and facia in Dallas Texas from The Window Connection Home Exteriors are complicated Experience & Creativity solves problems!
    Cedar siding wood replacement for residential home applicationsIt boils down to EXPERIENCE Choosing a contractor to make your home a joy to see and live in!

    Exterior siding in wood vinyl and hardiplankWe have better siding choices and better siding installations than anyone in Dallas! Check our reviews!

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    Siding and Sunrooms Dallas


    Siding, Soffit, and Facia are the homes protection from the elements

    Choosing a good material and a good installer is crucial. Small water leaks can create big siding problems over time. We are proud to make virtually every home look like a large doll house. Great techniques in siding application can cover "out of square" issues, bows in homes exterior wood and other imperfections that are inherent in any home remodeling project. Identifying and covering imperfections is the key to a professional siding application.


      Vinyl Siding

      The way the pieces fit together. The way they are sealed. The type and amount of vapor barrier, radiant barrier or insulation are all so important. Siding isn't just siding either. There are starter strips, j-channel, corner beads, coil stock, outlet boxes, light boxes and other very necessary accessories associated with siding application that often miss the light of discussion. Hiring a real professional is the answer.


      Hardiplank Siding

      Close supervision and great oversite lead to excellent results. Vinyl siding and hardiplank require precise cuts, careful placement and installer attention to details. When done correctly there is a result that just brings life to the home and real joy to the homeowner and the installers. Knowing ones home is watertight, airtight and well insulated requires care. Our awards say a lot about our level of caring for every siding and window customer.



      We have cultivated some great relationships with siding suppliers and siding manufacturers as well as column and post dealers, shutters and accessories and other little details that make a home exterior project look spectacular. Our close relationship with Mastic Home Exteriors, Alcoa, Alside, Royal Building Products, Mid-America as well as others helps us provide great pricing on the ground and on the home. Space and resale value both drive a sunroom sale, let us show you how affordable and beautiful a sunroom can be. With square footage costs in play, adding footage to the home can drive up home value well over 125% of cost of building a sunroom while providing great new living space for you and your family.

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