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Who are the best Window Suppliers?
Window Suppliers in Dallas Texas make greatly different types of products from cheap cheap to amazing

Window Suppliers in Dallas take many forms.


There are several window manufacturers and suppliers here in North Texas. Some are very large like Atrium, and some are smaller and somewhat niche oriented. Much like there are many types of cars on the road, so also goes the world of windows, window suppliers and window manufacturers. Some are out to build the cheapest product possible and some are building lifetime warranty, high efficiency, longevity oriented windows. Both have thier place in the market but they are seldom interchangeable.


Cheap windows are designed to be cheap and good windows are considerably more costly. Knowing who builds what can help a lot.


With window suppliers we see some realities right out of the box that you need to know. Window suppliers are often "re-branding" one product with a different name to prevent cross comparison. This is a common practice for sales driven companies that may advertise a great deal or have serious name recognition. That recognition came at a marketing cost and every customer has to pay for that marketing cost.


Knowing how to compare products properly is the first step. Look for 3 1/4" thick main frames, glass that's 3/4" thick or more using 1/8" glass, Low E heat reflective glass and argon gas filling at least and you should be heading in the right direction. The product should have a great warranty from the manufacturer and they should have some track record of success and longevity.


Suppliers differ from Manufacturers in a couple of key ways. The people making windows have to sell hundreds and perhaps thousands of them a day. A supplier may take a window and give it a special name and start to market that window hoping to make a small markup. There are lots more suppliers than there are manufacturers. Most manufacturers don't sell to the general public. Suppliers do. We are very happy to have a great niche in bringing every window available to your table.


We want you to have the right window for your home; it's value, your time to be there; and it's resale potential. All houses are different and need specific solutions that are best for that particular home.


We're very proud of our 30 years in the window business and are happy to share some of our insights with you anytime, starting today on this page.

Don Young Company
Window Suppliers make diverse products from cheap to amazing all over Dallas and Fort Worth

Don Young Company - Dallas Texas

Thirty plus years of high quality windows and doors. All very efficient, all with a lifetime warranty on glass, frame and parts. Truly a commited partner in long term window and door solutions and one of our favorite suppliers. We use them for almost all of our Aluminum Windows as well as sliding doors, storm doors and other specialty products. These nice folks will build it and it's all custom sized and made to order.


Located just off I-35 and Inwood Road in Dallas they produce vinyl and aluminum double and single hungs as well as all types of archtops and circle tops. They are one of the top producers in Texas with offices in San Antonio and Houston.

NT Windows - Mansfield Texas
Window Extrusion Cutter

NT Windows - Mansfield Texas

Just South of Fort Worth is one of the Metroplex's great window world secrets. NT Window has been around for 30 plus years and builds around 300 windows a day every single day. They use Cardinal 366 Low E Glass with Argon and have one of the best products available in thier price bracket.


We are proud to have been a three time winner of their Energy Master Dealer of the Year Award and recommend their products for many North Texas homes. I think their products are comparable to nationally known windows at a solid hundred bucks a window cheaper. I just think it's a great value and that's why it's one of our favorite window suppliers.


They make The Executive, The Presidential, The Energy Master and The Traditions lines in vinyl and their specialty products like casement windows and aluminum windows are built under the Royal Windows label at the same location.


Almost every window manufacturer will have a matching sliding door line and many will have branded swinging doors as well.

Atrium Windows and Doors
Atrium Window Manufacturers Window suppliers

Atrium Windows and Doors - Dallas Texas

One of the biggest in North Texas is Atrium. They we're aquired by PlyGem recently but are still marketing under such names as Atrium, Ellison, Windjammer and others. I see a large number of installation contractors use this product with some other name. This is done to prevent comparison shopping. This is a product that just isn't as good as many others out there but if you hear "the infinity window with the lifetime warranty", you can percieve that it's better than it actually is.


The warranty is only as good as the vendor selling it unless it's a "factory warranty". Window suppliers and vendors can forget to mention some of the fine print on these products sometimes.


These are just a few of our Ten Available Window Suppliers. See our Links page for a full list and our galleries for pictures of the many options out there. As you research know that we're a phone call away for a personalized, no obligation evaluation of your home and a referral for some of the window suppliers that might be most appropriate for your home and budget.


Other nationally known window suppliers to consider may be Alside, Simonton, Jeldwen, Andersen, Pella, Marvin and Milgard.



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