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What are the differences between builders type windows and replacement windows?

  • Builders only warranty a house for one year. Most of us plan to live in our homes longer than that.

  • Even an upgraded builders grade window is still a builders grade window.

    Replacement Windows have thicker glass, better gas between the panes and thicker extrusions overall to deliver longevity that is just not something a home builder will ever think about.

    Replacement windows are considerably different and better in many ways. Now it's time to think about what Replacement Window companies are all about.


    Many replacement window providers will use a private label to market a product without the consumer actually knowing the real manufacturer.  Clarity has the Preservation Series for instance and that is actually an Alside Ultra Max with a triple glazed krypton gas filled insulated unit.  Many times a highly advertised installation provider will use this as a tactic to prevent comparison shopping. Sears is among the biggest user of this tactic.  It prevents comparison shopping and facilitates a higher selling price for windows as it limits information available about the window.



  • Vinyl replacement windows make up more than 80% of the window market in Dallas


    Also be aware that many windows will test well at the assembly line stage but may not perform so well after a few years of use.  When they test a replacement window in a 20 X 30 size, that may not be the performance we can expect when the replacement window becomes a normal three foot by six foot size.  Also, some windows will react better to occasional home movement than others.  It is typical for a replacement window to experience some movement with the home and a better window will react to that movement and still seal well whereas a cheap window may not seal well if it moves.

    Another important aspect of replacement window installation is the frame profile.  Many replacement window have a profile that is 3 3/4" or thicker all the way around the window.  On a two foot wide window that makes almost 8 inches of frame and only 16 inches of glass.  This limits the light but raises the performance numbers on the replacement window. Not a wise trade off for many of us. We like our glass and our light.

    This reality also causes very large mullions in twin units with the center bar at 7 1/2 inches.  That can be a great deal of plastic to look at in the middle of a replacement window.



    Replacement windows in Dallas from The Window Connection


    We are proud to have several manufacturers with low profile frames available in replacement windows.  Each house has specific needs for the openings it has and which window manfacturer will serve you best is very much dependent on the home itself. We're here to help you find the right replacement window for your home.



    This is a bow window in a narrow profile replacement window.


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    Vinyl Replacement Windows Dallas Tx. This is an Ultra Max Alside Window with Simulated Divided Lite Grids and a Full Wrap.


  • There is much to know about replacement windows. We hope you'll learn enough here to seek us out and let us weigh in on your next replacement window project.

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