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What do vinyl picture windows look like?

Vinyl Windows Garland. These are Picture Windows with a Half Circle.
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Vinyl Windows make up about 85% of the window market here in Garland. Wood and Composite windows are expensive and aluminum no longer meets Energy Star Ratings. These are a quality mid ranged type products that are lifetime warranty while still being affordable and providing about four times better performance than windows that are just a decade old. They are also about twice as noise resistant as a typical metal or vinyl builders grade windows. Heat Reflective Glass, Argon Gas, Krypton Gas, Triple Glazing, and other advances have created windows that feel like walls.


This is brick installation and did require some scaffolding and other additionally charged items. The center bottom window is actually the largest I can built one at roughly six feet wide and seven feet tall. It was a big one. The half circle architectural window on top of the six foot by six foot one up high was the real challenge though. It was heavy.


It's typical to see us go no grids and picture windows in many cases in the back of the house. It's really for the view. When going from vertical operating single hung builders grade to a picture window does require tempering for compliance with Garland Building Code. That is if it is within 16 inches of the walking surface and over 9.6 square feet. A bit to comprehend but we'll talk you through all the details on your free complimentary consultation.



Vinyl Windows Garland. Interior View Picture Windows in Beige
Vinyl Windows in Garland

Interior View of Vinyl Windows Garland


Mezzo Single hung vinyl windows have a frame of just 2 3/4".  It's the lowest profile vinyl window available in Dallas in operating full framed vinyl windows. A big concern with vinyl windows is that frame thickness and how much plastic we have to look at.  If you look at the reflection you'll see our Mobile Workshop which is on every jobsite to provide the best of tools and equiptment for the replacement of vinyl windows.


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Happy Customers with great new vinyl windows have smiling faces. That's the window review we strive for..


The homes we have are the biggest investments in our lives. Trusting that things will be exactly right is the most important factor. Installation is always the key component in a replacement window project. The happy customer and the reviews he may give us to neighbors and family is the reason we are here to serve you and your family.




Half Circles and Archetectural Styles- Vinyl Windows in Garland
Vinyl Replacement Windows Garland

Archetectural Windows in Vinyl in Garland


Getting the arches right on a replacement window project really takes expertise if it's to be perfect.


This is one of the narrowest framed vinyl windows on the market that is still considered a high quality, lifetime warranty type product. It is one of our favorites here at The Window Connection. While builders grade windows may have less frame, they have less substance as well. Many people percieve that all windows that are new and vinyl are the same. This is not so. Just like cars, we have cheap ones, mid ranged type, and high end ones. Replacement windows that are built for the long term are not the same as ones built for a one year warranty required in most home building situations, house flipping situations and other short term applications.





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