Who is really the best Window and Door Contractor in North Texas?

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    D-Magazine Best of Dallas Window and Door Contractor

  • The Window Connection

    Who is the best window and door contractor in North Texas?

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  • Wow............how exciting for us........we're the smallest company listed .....offering the most personalized service available directly to homeowners, builders, realtors and investors......

    Here's the article as it appeared November 2005. Thank you so much for helping us become the..... "Best in Dallas"




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  • www.dallaswindows.com

    David Traynor cut his teeth in the glass industry: From the time he was 5, his parents owned Irving Glass & Mirror. He found working on home improvements more rewarding, and, in 1989, made the changeover to windows and doors.

    For 10 years, he worked with Pacesetter; the last five years on board, he went out with a bang by being one of the top 10 installers in the country. “I’ve personally installed about $20 million worth of windows and doors;’ Traynor says. His work took him all over the country, but being a family man and staying close to home meant more to him, so, in 1999, he purchased two web domain names, www.dallaswindows.com and www.sidingtexas.com and founded The Window Connection.

    His Web sites are considered the largest source of information for windows and doors on the Internet. They do: “walls and holes in walls” — siding, windows, and doors for houses. ‘We represent 10 different window manufacturers (vinyl, aluminum, and wood), offer seven lines of exterior vinyl siding, build six different types of patio covers and sunrooms, and offer thousands of types of door products", Traynor says.

    They also manage their own crews and are one of the only window and door companies that specifically handle installation as well as sales. Another plus at the Windows Connection is their design expertise. Traynor like so show how varying options and configurations, such as casement windows, bays and bows can enhance a home's curb appeal, turning it into an outright showplace.

    They charge by the job, evaluate on-site, and provide written proposals. "We make sure the customer's needs are addressed in writing, but the devil is in the details- we're meticulous about the details. When someone gives me a check and shakes my hand, I like to deliver 110 percent of their expectations." Traynor says.

    They primarily serve the North Dallas area.

  • I'm so proud to have been interviewed and featured in this wonderful publication...... We all know D-Magazine and to have the thumbs up from such an important metroplex icon is thrilling and yet quite humbling at the same time....... Thank you all for voting us this prestigious honor..... My mission will always be to provide you with personalized service that is ............. the "Best of Dallas". - Dave

  • D-Magazine Best of Dallas Window and Door Contractor

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