Measurement Guidelines How do you get the best size for a replacement window?

  • will allow for clearance to square the window and not disturb the brick.

    Measurement Guidelines for Replacement Windows

    Vinyl, Aluminum or Wood?

  • Opening is to be measured in three places. Smallest measurement should be used as opening size and have one quarter inch SUBTRACTED from that opening size for new window measurement size. This is for the width. In height it is best to leave one half inch.

    This allows room for the window to enter the opening without damage to brick while also allowing for squareness issues. All windows must be installed squarely and therefore must be slightly smaller than the opening itself.

    These guidelines are agreed industry standards utilized by most replacement window companies and recommended by most manufacturers. Some may say to go a little smaller than what we see here but I only see that as necessary if there's been noticeable movement in the home to allow for squareness issues.

    The Window Connection recommends floating the window to the highest most location possible to allow for trim on the bottom exterior.

    Inside measure jobs would be jobs which have a narrower framed window currently in position that will be replaced with a unit of thicker dimension. This application requires install sheetrock to sheetrock in order to float the window inside the opening. Exterior trim is usually required in such instances. Trim applications can vary but can include either wood trim to match the wood exterior of the home or Aluminum Extruded trim that matches the window itself.

    All windows should be sealed inside and out and trimmed as necessary inside and out. Some units will require trim on both the inside and the outside in some instances due to squareness and other related issues.

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