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Vinyl and Wood Replacement Windows in Southlake, Texas

Custom Made Wood Windows Southlake
Southlake Town Center replacement windows

Wood Swinging Windows Southlake Town Center


You may have been to Southlake's Town Center. We custom built the windows in Campania's Pizza to a very strict design specification. Swinging wood windows with Low E Glass and Argon Gas filled insulated glass in all wood as to be paintable. It was a tough project but it's lasted for many years and will last for years to come.


Wood windows are a big deal in Southlake. Lots of homes have them, at least on the front of the home. Without proper maintenance they can rot away in just a few seasons of neglect. Wood windows are the most expensive ones out there but there's no need to spend too much to replace them.


We offer great products and generally steer people towards clad exteriors when possible to keep that rotten wood thing from happening again. It's one of the reasons we're a better choice. Product knowledge.


Clad Exteriors are a vinyl or metal covering over the wood window to make it maintenance free and last for years.The Jeldwen Aurolast even has a lifetime warranty against rotting and is one of our favorite products due to it's value and longevity.....

Jeldwen Wood Replacement Windows
Jeldwen Aluminum Clad Wood Windows in Southlake

Aluminum Clad Wood Windows in Southlake


Also important to note is that most manufacturers have three tiers of wood windows. We see very little cost difference and going with cheap wood windows to save 15% isn't logical. Much like buying a car, get the good one, the cheap ones don't really last.


These are the clad exterior windows and they'll last forever as opposed to typical wood units.


These Jeldwen wood windows have simulated divided lite grids for that old world look while still delivering performance with Low E Glass and Argon in an Energy Star Rated and approved replacement window.


Picture Windows, Casements, Double Hungs and Direct Set windows for the larger ones all bring their own variables into play and knowing someone with real hands on experience is immensely valuable when selecting not just the window but the installation team as well.


We were named one of the top 16 window and door contractors in the Metroplex out of 313 companies out there by as well as by D Magazine. names us a top 16 of 313 window installation contractors.


The big names seldom even sell real wood windows due to the complicated nature of the installation process. Jeldwen estimates six man hours per window in labor to install a wood window.

Vinyl Window Replacement in Southlake
Behind the wall look at window installation in Southlake

Better Replacement Window Installation


Many of the homes are stucco or stone.


On this home we needed to cut back the sheetrock to accomodate a new thicker vinyl replacement window in place of the builders grade aluminum window that was there originally.


While more time consuming, it was a necessary thing to do to enhance performance and enlarge the viewing area of the window itself.


This approach meant no exterior plastic trim or downsizing of the window to sit inside on the sheetrock. It was a better approach and a better window installation.


We use OSI Quad expanding foam and factory trims where needed as opposed to bat insulation or glued on trim. We spare no effort or expense in providing a replacement window that will last for decades.


Being a D Magazine Best of Dallas Contractor and having some of the best reviews on the internet is important to us. It's a calling and a joint stewardship with you to care for your home windows. It's why we're here. It's why we take extra time and extra care to do every project better than anyone else in Southlake.


No one has more awards and accolades than we do. No one can deliver better results aesthetically or performance wise, even at double the cost. We are very proud of our ability to find a great value point on replacement windows. Too cheap is not a good plan and too expensive is not a good plan either. We try very hard to be at that value point.



Presidential Vinyl Replacement Windows from NT Window
Presidential Vinyl Replacement Windows from NT Window in Southlake

NT Window Presidential Vinyl Replacement Windows


The old builders grade windows just don't cut it anymore. That's a fact. Air and heat infiltration can run the electric bill into the six, seven and eight hundred dollar a month range in some homes. It's always the windows.


All the homes in Southlake were built with great insulation and in most cases with superior builders and building techniques. the problem is the windows. Clear glass with no heat reflective capabilities, no Argon Gas, usually in a metal frame or a wood window that has rotted out due to water and exposure.


No matter what the problem is, we have a solution. We offer wood windows from Jeldwen, Marvin, Andersen and Pella as well as vinyl windows from more than a half a dozen other vendors. No one offers more choices in replacement windows than we do.


Our goal is to help you find the right windows for your home. In homes that we see in Southlake, that's really important.


We do in fact offer ten different window manufacturers with three to five window models from each. We sell wood, vinyl and aluminum replacement windows and offer exterior finishes in numerous colors from several of our window manufacturers.


This was the NT Window Presidential Vinyl Replacement Window. It's a great choice in Southlake and it's locally made. It's price point is about $150 less than a Simonton Vinyl Window and the money stays local.

Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows in Southlake
NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Single Hung Replacement Windows

Window Installation Expertise


Quality of workmanship and skill are by far the biggest and most important variables in vinyl replacement windows.


We have more awards, more expertise, better reviews and a better reputation to protect than others and we take that very seriously.


The truth is we need your referrals and your endorsement when you talk to neighbors, family and co-workers about replacement windows.


By doing better work we assure that and in fact, it's why we only take on ten to twelve projects per month. Usually around a hundred projects a year. It's a way to assure quality and personalized service to the customers and the amazing high end homes that we work on.


Remodeling Magazine publishes a yearly report called the "Cost vs. Value Report". It puts the average cost of windows in Southlake at around $940 each installed. This is a median number between the super cheap at $450 each and the super expensive ones at $2000 each. It also puts their added value to the home at around $760 on average. We actually sell products lower than the value point on average. It's one of the reasons we work with a lot of house flippers as well as people who are in the home for the long haul.


As a window installer I've installed more than $20,000,000 in quality replacement windows all across the country. More than 10,000 homes. More than 30 years of experience. It's my goal to bring that experience to your replacement window project.

Vinyl WIndows to Replace Wood Windows
Vinyl windows to replace wood windows in Southlake

Vinyl Windows to Replace Wood Windows


Sometimes on older homes it makes sense to move from old wood windows to vinyl. In these cases the main frame of the wood window is left in place and the new replacement window is installed where the sashes and blind stop (wood piece between them) is currently.


This allows interior trim and exterior trim to stay in place and not disturb the overall look of the wood window. It also makes the exterior trim remain paintable for design and contrast purposes.


In other cases, like the one pictured here, we've covered the outside wood trim with custom bent metal to cover that wood up and deliver a maintenance free exterior over the wood. This covers the old wood up and is sometimes called a "full wrap". It utilizes a siding break and the metal can be bent to any dimension and custom made for the application.


Here are some before and after shots of our work:


Before and After Gallery


We are very proud of the quality of workmanship we deliver in a replacement window project. You can find some great shots of our work over the years in our new mobile friendly web gallery:


Replacement Window Web Gallery of Completed WIndow Projects


This shot also shows simulated divided lite grids. The other type of grids is "grids between the glass". This is a more upscale look and designed to make a home look more like the original wood windows.



Wood Window Replacement in Southlake
Window Installation in Southlake using wood replacement windows.

Divided Lite Grids in Replacement Windows


Grids that protrude from the surface of the glass inside and outside are simulated divided lite grids (SDL's). It's the classier look than grids between the glass. In this shot, it's on the Jeldwen Siteline Wood Replacement Window.


This beautiful Southlake home needed more than 25 of these. There are some great shots of it in the gallery. There is nothing that compares aesthetically.


Heat conductivity through aluminum and vinyl replacement windows.


This shot even shows some of our carpentry skills. We have those as well as installation skills. We alter openings and cut in doors where there's a wall. You name the home improvement and we have experience at it. No job is too big or too small and no one delivers better end results in your home window or door project.



Have a look at our founders resume!



Aluminum Clad Wood Windows or Traditional Wood Windows
Jeldwen Wood Casement Windows provide ventilation by opening like a door with a screen on the inside.

Wood Windows vs. Aluminum Clad Wood Windows


Some wood windows are wood inside and outside. This is a shot of the aluminum clad wood window. This has an extruded aluminum exterior that is slid over the wood window to provide a paint free, maintenance free exterior.


While you have to chose a color and stay with it, it does mean you will never have to paint them or see them rot away again. It's the upscale modern replacement window option in wood replacement windows.


This one has 1 1/8" aluminum extruded grids, shadow bars (bronze grids between the two panes of glass) and wood grids on the inside. It looks like an old style wood window but without the maintenance aspect we usually see in wood windows.


Installation is the single biggest and most important variable in any replacement window project. A good installer can make a cheap window perfom well but a bad installer can make even the best of windows not perform correctly through lack of knowledge and attentiveness to detail as a whole.


These Jeldwen Siteline Custom wood windows are state of the art but be prepared for the price point. It's safe to budget at $1500 to $2000 per window installed and the archtops and half circles are staggeringly expensive. Vinyl runs half the money but can't really deliver the same look.


Getting the right window for the home is the key. It's a difficult balance to find the right thing and there are several variables that play into the decision. Your long term goals and the home value are important variables in any replacement window project. Let us help you find the right window for your home.


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