Sound Proof WindowsWhat can be done about noise and sound through windows?

  • This Bow Window was on Walnut Hill Lane and faced a great deal of noise.

    Sound Proof Windows

    What about noise through my windows?

    • Does double paned really help with noise?
    • Do I need triple paned glass to get better sound blockage?
    • Does thicker glass help with noise deadening?
    • What about laminated glass for noise protection?

    What Can Be Done About Noise Through My Windows?

    It's noisy in the house. What can I really do about that sound infiltration?

  • What kind of glass or glass package configurations really help with noise through my windows?


  • Noise is a problem for many Dallas homeowners. What are the choices for getting that fixed?

    It it's 635 or Walnut Hill. From Plano Parkway to Sam Raburn Tollway, noise can be a problem in Dallas Homes

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This house is on Walnut Hill, one block from Hillcrest. It's on a very noisy street and that's right where cars hit second gear. A great solution to noise problems is Argon Gas. It worked wonders for this wonderful young ladies bedroom (far right). Argon dampens street noise, animal noise, and helps with thermal conduction as well.


I've done a few on Walnut Hill. Quite a few off 635 and a bunch off of Forrest Lane, Belt Line and other major streets here in Dallas


Overall we can make a home twice as quiet with a standard glass package that includes double strength glass and Argon Gas filled insulated glass.


  • Note the sound difference with Argon Gas in an insulated window.  It is actually twice as quiet as builders grade windows.

    Different Noise Deadening Glass Packages Available


    The numbers at play are these:  Single glazed builders grade windows you can hear anything louder than 21 db,  Double paned builders grade windows with air between the panes offers resistance up to 24 db but the Double paned with Argon Gas will offer quiet up to 32 db.  This is great for corners, busy streets, houses by the airport etc.


    If we need more noise protection the next step is alternating thicknesses of glass to a glass package that's 3/16" over 1/8" instead of 1/8" over 1/8". Added cost is about $100 per window.


    The next step is a basic triple glazed with three layers of glass and Argon. Added cost about $150 per window.


    Next step is triple glazed with Krypton Gas. Added cost about $250 per window.


    Next step is Laminated over 1/8". This is still a triple glazed but has a plastic sheet between two of the outside panes. Added cost at about $300 per window.


    Then the premium package is also laminated with .090 plastic that is thicker than the standard laminated glass package. This one adds about $350 to a typical window cost.


    Keep in mind that all these upgrades are in addition to a good mid range quality window. It can run the cost of a window up a lot well into the high end range. Using a good window for the package is really important as there is added weight to these upgrades. Knowing all you can about windows will take a lot of reading and research or you can call us for a free, no obligation consultation and we can help bring you up to speed in the comfort of your own home.


    A little known or talked about option is also putting a storm window over an existing window. This was done a lot in the past from the 60's through the 80's but here's the little known detail. For a few hundred dollars you can actually lower the STC but about 6 points. We do it all. You name the issue and we have the solution!

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