Vinyl Windows Plano Texas

What replacement windows, types, manufacturers and styles are available in Plano?

Slim Line Narrow Framed Vinyl Windows
Plano has a lot of Bow Windows.  We have more options that offer more glass than anyone in Plano.

Slim Line Vinyl Replacement Windows



On bay windows I really like this product. It keeps the mullions at around 3" on the inside and that's just so much better than five or six inches of frame we see from Renewal by Andersen, Window World and the other vendors out there that only offer one model of replacement window.


This one has grids between the glass and really came out well.


One downside to window research is that many windows do what is called "rebranding" Making the same window with lots of different names to prevent cross referencing and comparison. NT Window for example makes two windows under four different names.


They make the Presidential, the Energy Master, the Executive (a Presidential under a different name) and the Traditions (an Energy Master under a different name).


Needless to say, knowing about vinyl replacement windows is a little complicated. We try to make it easier on this website and in person when you call for a free, no obligation, on site evaluation.


We sell ten different window manufacturers and are happy to bring samples and explain the ups and downs of all of them.


Vinyl Casement Replacement Windows
Alside Vinyl Replacement Casement Windows Plano Texas

Casement Vinyl Replacement Windows


I sell a lot of casement windows. In fact the main rep from Alside tells me I sell more than anyone in the Metroplex so I guess that includes Plano.


I really like pulling out twin windows and using this instead. It lets in the same amount of air but looks better and leaves a better visual by removing the big bar in the center.


That tends to make the window look bigger and the cost isn't that much more.


Also since the screen is on the inside and it's removable, you can leave them off and have it look like stationary windows and they're less likely to get torn up from weather and exposure.


Casement windows actually perform a little better than windows that go up and down too with a U value of a .26 instead of the typical .29 that we see from most vinyl replacement windows.


There's something to be said for the window looking more modern and updated too. When it's time to sell the house, no one will miss the fact that these aren't your typical builders grade windows.

Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows
NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows Plano

Grids in Vinyl Replacement Windows with Blinds


Most of the big houses in Plano need grids. An exception to this is where there are shutters instead of drapes but blinds can go either way.


For the most part the big house with the two story and the big transome window do need the grids to retain the look the architect had in mind.


This one was off of Park and the Tollway in the Willowbend area.


On these big ones it's often a good idea to break it into phases. This one took three years and three seperate projects to get them all done and not break the budget for my homeowner.


This picture also shows that the grids between the glass do show a good deal of color from the tint that is naturally in Low E Glass. Some Low E windows are blueish and some more green and we even have several glass packages that have a little less color but the trade off is that the less color we see, the less energy efficient the vinyl window is.

Energy Master Arched Windows with Grids and Shutters
NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows in Plano

Grids in Arched Vinyl Replacement Windows


You can really see the color in this shot.


You can also see that shutters and grids together can be a little busy.


A really good window contractor will also make sure the windows and the shutter breaks line up well. I see a lot of replacement window projects where the contractor didn't take that part into account.


Ardhed windows are tough too. It takes a lot of hand holding with the manufacturer to get the arches exactly right.


A modern replacement window is measured to within an eighth of an inch to get it to be exactly what it should be. This too is a place that experience and attention to detail really count.


There is no such thing as a stock window or a stock sized window. No one has enough warehouse to store all the variables in windows and have them ready to go. All windows are custom made according to the specifications of the buyer. Even a home builder has to have his windows made and that takes two to three weeks at a minimum.

Vinyl Casement Windows
Alside Casement Vinyl Windows in Plano

Vinyl Casement Windows


The best part of these is getting rid of the horizontal line that you see in single hung and double hung windows.


It's hard to explain but it makes it look updated and classic at the same time while keeping the ability to ventilate and get fresh air.


This was up in the Willow Bend area as well. Many of those homes are in the millions but these windows don't really cost that much more than typical single hungs or double hungs.


These were in stucco and we needed new wood trim too. That is a problem for many inexperienced window installers as many just don't have the skills to make great looking work on million dollar homes.


We use the best woods with no knot holes or premium cedar in most cases and usually re work all wood trim just to have the best look and be assured that the window and the installation will stand the test of time.


Interior View of a Vinyl Replacement Window as a Casement
NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows Plano

Casement Interiors in Vinyl Replacement Windows


This was a sliding two lite window with a big line in the middle when we started. The new look is far more elegant and worthy of the office of a million dollar home.


The end panels swing open for ventilation and because the window swings out it can catch more air and really ventilate better than a typical sliding window or one that operates vertically.


This one really looks like a wood window to almost anyone who sees it. It also performs really well and is less likely to have water leakage issues than a sliding window. Those are notorious for leaking water.


The screens mount on the inside and are easily removed with small plastic clips for a more open picture window look.


This one also shows that Low E, heat reflective glass really has very little color from the inside. It may have some from the outside, but inside it's really not noticeable at all except for the fact that it's so much cooler on a hot day.

Simulated Divided Lite Grids in Vinyl Replacement Windows
Vinyl Replacement Windows with Simulated Divided Lite Grids

Simulated Divided Lite Grids in Vinyl Replacement Windows


This is a simulated divided lite grid window.


The grids are applied to the interior and the exterior of the window itself to give you a better color match with the frame and also emulate the old style, true divided lite windows of the past.


Years ago you had to buy a wood window to get this look.


On this unit we also see that we've covered the exterior wood with a maintenance free aluminum sheet metal that was custom bent to cover the wood. This means no painting and years of great looks that appear like a wood window without the hard work and painting.


You may also see my awesome covered trailer in the reflection. We take more tools, more time and more quality materials on the job than anyone in Plano to deliver the very best installation results possible.

Bow Windows from Alside Using the Mezzo Model Vinyl Window
Bay window in Plano using Alside Mezzo Double Hungs and Picture Windows.

Alside Mezzo Vinyl Replacement Bow Window


This is a bow with wider mullions. Some prefer the more substantial look and the loss of glass isn't an issue.


On this one it looks pretty good because of the shutters.


Anytime you can cover up the shutter edges it tends to clean up the look quite a bit. The edges of shutters are kind of ugly and when you can see them through the glass it's noticable if you're a detail person.


This bow window does have grids but you almost can't even see them because of the shutters.


We also build these as individual windows to allow us to take the out of square issues that are typical of a modern home and split it up amongst all five of the windows and hide it more easily.


We often custom make trim with out of square dimensions for that very reason. It's one of the things we do that make us better than the rest.



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Triple Glazed Windows For Sound Blockage
Triple Glazed Sound Proof Vinyl Replacement Windows from NT Window

NT Window Energy Master Triple Glazed Vinyl Replacement Windows for Sound Blockage


This house had noise issues. We solved them.


This is a triple glazed window with Krypton Gas as opposed to a double paned window with Argon Gas.


It's quite a bit more expensive but what a difference.


While Low E and Argon make a house twice as quiet, this glass package can get as much as three times quieter.


The ultimate in sound protection is from our laminated glass packages and you can find more about that and other sound protection options on our blog or with a no obligation evaluation of your project.



Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows with Grids
Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows from NT Window Mansfield Texas

Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows with Grids


Locally made here in the Dallas / Fort Worth area this is a great window from a great window manufacturer.


They are produced in Mansfield Texas with Cardinal 366 Low E Glass right out of the Cardinal plant in Waxahatchie.


Cardinal 366 is the highest performing Low E Glass available in America and the close proximity to Dallas helps us keep all the money right here in North Texas.


Also because shipping is minimized it also provides a great window at a great price point with exceptional value to the end consumer.


This project was off Campbell and Preston Road and the style and look is very appropriate to home all the way up to a million dollars plus in home value.


This home was in the 800's when we started and has increased in value by 20% in five years. We really like to think our vinyl windows help that to happen.