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What replacement windows are available in Richardson?

Professional Window Installation
Plano has a lot of Bow Windows.  We have more options that offer more glass than anyone in Plano.

Professional Window Installation



Most bad window reviews are about bad installation, not bad windows. A great window installer can make any window work to its full potential. A crummy window installer can make even the best window not work right or stand the test of time.


The reviews for Pella windows for instance are terrible. That's more about the terrible window. The reviews for the cheapest window companies are about the installation, that's a different problem.


We sell good, high quality mid range priced products. These are usually the same frames as a high end window but with a double paned glass package as opposed to a triple glazed package with Krypton Gas.


We sell the bells and whistles needed without selling a lot of hype or smoke and mirrors. Foam wraping is smoke and mirrors. You have to downsize the window (making a bigger caulk bead) and making the glass smaller to accomodate a foam wrap that is totally unnecessary and doesn't improve the performance at all. It does sound good in a sales pitch but it's application in a real window installation project is pretty useless.



Alside Mezzo Vinyl Replacement Windows
Alside Vinyl Replacement Casement Windows Plano Texas

Alside Mezzo Vinyl Replacement Windows


I like this window as a Single Hung, not as much as a Double Hung.


I also use their premium glass package to get the SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) performance to a .21 where I want it, but sometimes we desire less color and use a different glass package. They offer about 8 different glass packages and most companies use the cheapest one. I prefer the better ones in most cases.


A lot of the variable is in the color. Alside uses PPG Glass which has a bluer coloration as opposed to the Cardinal which is a greeener tint.


A good double paned approach will lower sound levels by 50% but thicker glass or laminated glass packages can do even more. Usually our recommendations are based on the home and the specific application or need for the homeowner.


Overall I like this product for the extruded screen instead of the roll form screen and the fact that the screen slides up and down to get it out of the way instead of having to completely remove it from the window. It's more accessible and easier to keep the track clean.


It doesn't have night latches but does have interior dust covers. It also keeps the locks under the glass line. That looks better than many other options.

Energy Master Single Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows
NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows Plano

Energy Master Single Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows from NT Window


Again one of our favorites. Since we offer ten different window manufacturers we have a lot of choices. I'd say I sell about 35 to 40% of our volume on this window.


It's a good value and provides a very similar performance to a more expensive Simonton Vinyl Replacement Window with less frame, more glass and a great warranty.


All of our top pick replacement windows offer lifetime warranties. Glass breakage warranties are available as well at a nominal charge. I seldom sell that warranty just because they are really seldom used. That's $25 a window that you don't really need to spend. A broken glass is at the most $250 so the value isn't really there unless you break a few of them over time.


NT Window uses that Cardinal 366 Low E Glass package and it's a great performer. The Energy Master and the Presidential (Also called the Executive and the Traditions) offer a SHGC at .21 and a U Value at .29.


By contrast, the Alside Mezzo comes in at .21 with the Elite Plus Glass Package and a .27 or a .26 on the U Value. Lower is better with these metrics. Anything under .30 on either is Energy Star Rated and approved.


Grids provide a lower Solar Heat Gain Coefficient as the grids block more of the heat in any window make or model.


Again with these I prefer single hung over double hung to keep the glass as large as possible. To be clear, single hungs operate from the bottom and double hungs operate from top and bottom.


Double hungs usually have a sliding screen that can move from top to bottom depending on the use. Double hungs are pretty useless when you get to taller windows over 6 feet tall as they are usually split to have 30" bottom sashes and 40" or taller top sashes. It also makes it pretty hard to tilt them in for cleaning. All operating sashes in a quality window will tilt in for cleaning from the inside of the home.

Energy Master Arched Windows with Grids
NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows in Plano

Grids in Arched Vinyl Replacement Windows


Getting grids to line up and look good is a skill. Many don't take the time to get this variable correct.


Having them all line up correctly is important. Also custom grids are available if you prefer fewer panes but still want grids of somekind.


A look at our gallery will show you some options from prarie lites to simply fewer grids, we offer all options and present them so you get exactly the look you want to have.


Replacement Window Gallery - 400+ Pictures of our Installs


Ardhed windows are tough too. It takes a lot of hand holding with the manufacturer to get the arches exactly right.


On this one we even went around the window with a layer of custom made metal trim to cover up some bad brick work.


Our process includes doing everything possible to make a great finished window replacement project. That's not always easy or fast but it does yield the very best end result and performance that will last for decades.


We may not be the cheapest out there but there is no one doing better looking, more long term aesthetically pleasing work than we do.

Bow Window Replacement with Narrow Framed Windows
Alside Casement Vinyl Windows in Plano

Bow Window Replacement with Narrow Framed Windows


This is the NT WIndow Slim Line VInyl Replacement Window.


It keeps mullions at 3" on the inside and about 3 1/2" on the outside depending on the angle and projection of the bow.


We custom bend all our mullions to do better installs. As a rule a bow window this large will have at least some out of square and to have that custom mullion component we can split up the out of square a little on each window to make it less noticeable.


This is a huge advantage. We can then bend the trim a little out of square on five mullions and no one can really see that we have an inch of out of square in the opening. A siding break makes it happen and it works better than the alternative of factory mulls with no ability to vary the sizes.


I think the single biggest obsticle for people who want a bow window replacement is the mullion thickness. The Slim Line is the best replacement window for this application. It may cost a bit more, but the looks are certainly worth it over the long run.


Full Wrap or Trim Packed Wood Windows
NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows Plano

Full Wrap or Trim Packed Wood Windows


This shot is where we covered the outside of an old wood window with the aluminum clad that we custom bent on the siding break.


It makes the wood maintenance free while giving an updated look to a classic old design.


This shot also shows our exclusive caulking technique which is unparallelled in the industry. No one does better caulking and comes up with a better end result than we do. It's our trademark.


Skill in window installation and expertise in the details are why we were named one of the top window installation contractors of 313 choices in Dallas and Fort Worth. There are lots of choices, but only one best choice for quality of workmanship.


We do prettier work than vendors charging twice as much. We offer ten different manufacturers and dozens of models and glass types. There is a reason that D Magazine and both call us a top pick for replacement window installation.

Updating Windows With New Replacement Windows
Vinyl Replacement Windows with Simulated Divided Lite Grids

Updating Windows With New Replacement Windows


When it comes to choices there are a lot of options. This is an Alside Mezzo in an old wood buck installation.


Even in staying with older styles to match the architecture there are new and updated ways to get a great look.


This window installation will look great into the next three or four decades and will provide added resale value for every homeowner and homeseller or buyer who deals with it.


The lifetime warranty, the installation overview and the caring with which we approach every product is unparallelled. No one does it better than we do.


Energy savings, increased home value, better security, pride of ownership and incresed comfort are a few of the reasons to consider new replacement windows. To find a few more just check out our page on other reasons.


Reasons to Consider Replacement Windows



Window Reviews in Richardson
Bay window in Plano using Alside Mezzo Double Hungs and Picture Windows.

Window Reviews in Richardson


We have more great reviews on Google than many of our competitors that are ten time larger than we are.


The Window Connection Window Reviews;


We thrive on happy customers. We like happy faces as they are the ones to tell their friends and relatives, co-workers and neighbors about our service and commitment to details. You can find more happy customers on our reviews page.


Happy Customers and Their Projects!


Better products, better installation, better glass packages, better trim work, better reviews.


All directions lead to a window replacement contractor that really cares. We are that contractor.



Our Before and After Page



French Doors and Sliding Doors
Vinyl Replacement Windows with Simulated Divided Lite Grids

French Doors and Sliding Doors in Richardson


We provide some great options on doors as well! Exterior doors, sliding doors, french doors and storm doors. We offer great installation and great products on all of those as well.


We usually recommend fiberglass doors for swinging doors as opposed to steel or wood and we offer sliding doors in aluminum, wood and vinyl.


All door systems have pluses and minuses. Knowing the upside and down side to all of them is part of what we do and what the information we share is designed to do to help you do as well.


Our Doors page has more information and there are specific pages for sliding doors, french doors and storm doors.


Exterior Doors


French Doors


Sliding Doors


Storm Doors


Flush Glazed French Doors in Richardson
Vinyl Replacement Windows with Simulated Divided Lite Grids

Flush Glazed French Doors in Richardson


Not many vendors offer this product or even know about it. The flush glazed french door offers more glass, more light and a more upscale look than most french doors.


This door is fiberglass so it's energy efficient but it doesn't have the ugly plastic frame that most french doors have from Lumber Stores or the majority of vendors in town.


Fiberglass is more energy efficient than steel or wood doors. It also comes in smooth or textured finishes. The textured has a wood grain look that can emulate mahogony, oak or pine wood grains.