Vinyl Replacement Windows in Arlington

A few of our vinyl replacement window options

Vinyl Replacement Windows
NT Window Vinyl Replacement Windows - Arlington Texas

Arlington needs better than builders grade windows. NT Window and The Window Connection deliver that!

These are our NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows. We've been named their "Dealer of the Year" more than a half a dozen times due to our quality of workmanship and our attention to detail. They like us because we get great reviews for our work using their product and we like their product a lot too.


It's built in Mansfield Texas with the amazing Cardinal 366 Low E Glass with Argon from the Cardinal plant in Waxahachie. That means it's not just American made but it's locally made here in North Texas. It offers a great look and amazing performance with a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of a .21 without grids and a .20 with grids. It's really a great window and a great value.

Vinyl Casement Replacement Windows
Vinyl Window Replacement with Alside Casement Windows

Vinyl Casement Windows to update the look of your home

Builders always used twin windows that go up and down in bigger window openings. Casement Windows give you more air and a great look by removing horizonal bars that obstruct your view. Also by removing the big center bar in the middle, the window looks bigger while still allowing for ventilation. The end windows swing out for air with a screen on the inside.


It's an upscale look for very little more money on average. These are the Alside Casement Windows and are a favorite of The Window Connection.


We offer ten different window manufacturers with three to five windows each in their offerings. We give you more options, more styles, more colors and the very best installation available in North Texas.

NT Window Energy Master Single Hung Vinyl Windows
NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows. This vinyl replacement job utilizes their single hung windows

Single Hung Windows instead of Double Hung Windows

There is much debate and the cheaper companies use Double Hungs to keep warranty costs down because they're easier to swap out. Think about that for a minute. These vendors want a window thats fast and easy to fix because they know it's destined to have problems. Some other cheap vendors use a single hung that is more of a builders grade type window because they think you're moving soon anyway and no one will notice.


These are both bad approaches. Much like the cheapest car at the car lot, you get what you pay for.


We use a superior Single Hung in most cases that will last for forty years and has a lifetime warranty because many of us like our homes. We want them to be great for the entirety of the rest of our lives. Our products have full 3 1/4" depth for strength and performance while having a minimal profile from the brick to the glass to allow more light and less frame. It's a sensitve balance but a necessary one to get a good look. Good looks matter too with home values climbing and our home being our most expensive asset.

Impeccable Vinyl Window Installation
NT Window Energy Master Presidential and Executive Vinyl Replacement Windows in Arlington Texas

Better Window Installations - No one cares as much about the end product as we do!

You won't see a lot of pictures like this one. It's an amazingly clean, straight and perfect caulking bead. It can only be done if the sizing of the window is perfect. Replacement windows can be manufactured to 1/8" increments. When done by a true craftsman, coupled with a great removal techniquie to minimize damage to the homes brick and sheetrock, an amazing caulking bead will make it look wonderful for decades.


Most window reviews that are bad are specifically about bad installation. As a thirty plus year veteran of the window and door installation industry I've seen so many bad installs. They are the rule more than the exception. I've personally worked with hundreds of "window installers". Roughly ten were really good. Most were fair or mediocre and quite a few were really bad.


It's like the work force a a whole. Most folks really don't care as much as they should. We take great pride in beiing good stewards of your home and do work that we would want on our own home. That's a pretty high standard. It's how we work and how we feel about you and your home.

Energy Master Windows by NT Window
Energy Master Windows by NT Window

NT Windows | The Energy Master, The Presidential, The Executive and The Traditions

We offer a lot of manufacturers from cheap and fast for the house flipper or the person moving out soon, to the durable and long lasting kind with lifetime warranties and products that will be looking great until we're all dead and gone. We offer NT Window, Alside, Don Young Company, Burris and Associates, Atruim Windows, Andersen, Jeldwen, Pella, American Craftsman, Mayfield and more!


We try to get the right window and the right model for the home. All homes are different. You don't put cheap windows into expensive houses and it's not good to get crazy awesome windows in a lower cost home that will never recover the value. Knowing what's out there, what's appropriate for the home and the neighborhood and what the window customer's long term goal is is crucial. We bring all that expertise in sales as well as more expertise in installation than anyone in Arlington.


Those are a few of the reasons we were named one of the top sixteen window and door contractors out of the 313 currently working in the Metroplex.

Cost of Windows Arlington
Arched Energy Master Vinyl Single Hung Windows in Arlington Texas by The Window Connection

Selling better vinyl windows cheaper than anyone else in Arlington

Replacement windows should pay for themselves in three to five years. The goal is to save several thousand in utilities costs and bring the home's value up several thousand dollars to make your window purchase into an investment into the property as well as your quality of life. It's easy to do if you know how and use the right products.


In fact, we actually sell well below the average retail cost of windows and even at a price point lower than their value (according to Remodeling Magazines "Cost Verses Value Report"). Click on the link and see the difference. The window they VALUE at $740 is sold by The Window Connection at around $640. It's one of the many reasons that house flippers and homeowners alike find us to be one of the best values out there in home improvements. The product we sell the most is about $7500.00 on this list of windows that they say costs $15,698.00 and is "worth" $11,294.00 at resale. Yes.... house flippers love us a lot.

NT Window Single Hungs
Arched Energy Master Vinyl Single Hung Windows in Arlington Texas by The Window Connection

Better Replacement Windows Bring Better Results

I see it all the time. A home improvement that was done five years ago or ten years ago that has fallen apart and is being redone again now. My entire early career in the 80's was spent pulling out things that were done on the cheap in the 70's. Most of us are in our homes for longer periods of time. Houses are expensive and it's cheaper to fix what's wrong with your existing home than it is to buy a new house that's $100,000 more expensive.


I've never had any luck with cheap stuff. Not in cars or sofa's or washing machines. You get what you pay for as a rule. It's not logical to be penny wise and pound foolish. Cheap windows or cheap labor are cheap for a reason. It's usually quality control and the end product. Houses are too expensive to take the risk and make the gamble. Good windows and doors and good window installation or door installation lasts for decades and really does make a house worth more money when you sell it.

Alside Vinyl Casement Windows
Alside Vinyl Casement Replacement Windows in Arlington bring an updated look to your home windows and remove bars that hinder the view

Twin builders grade windows convert well to three lite casement windows

According to Alside, I sell more of their casement windows than anyone in Arlington. There's a reason for that. They work well. They provide better performance from an energy savings standpoint and the look is truly an updated look with a bigger appearance than a single hung or a double hung. It's one of my favorites.


I'm also a fan of the Alside Mezzo in a single hung. The double hung, not so much. There are a lot of reasons. We also use the best glass package available from them in a double paned insulated glass package and that's different than the glass package that the cheap guys offer. Low E and Argon Gas are important but so is the spacer system. We use the top glass package they have of the seven that they offer. There are numous reasons.


To get more insight on Alside here are a couple of links that may help you understand more about them:


Alside Mezzo Vinyl Windows. Their Double Hungs and Single Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows


Alside Window Reviews (My take on the product and the company as a whole)


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